Monday Monday...

Just returned from lunch at the Big Bowl where I filled up a bowl with vegies from the vegie bar and then let them add noodles and teriyaki and stir fry it all together. It was delicious. I lunched with my Gray Street buddy (Hi Cari! Did you find the comments yet?) today after taking Keith to the airport and seeing him off to New Mexico once again.

He was home this weekend to attend Keli's second competition of the year. This one took place in Miny-So-Tah once again and low and behold, they once again brought home a first place trophy in their class! They also brought home top percussion and top color guard... It was a great night for them! There are still five competitions left over the next three weekends. The last two were warmups for the Wisconsin competitions. Keep your fingers crossed that they manage to do so well back in the home state.

Half of the kids are at their usual state of sickness (including Kel) with coughs and horrible colds and sounding like they've got pneumonia, but they'll all hang in there until the season is done.

I can't believe this is Keli's last field show season. I'll really miss it next year. I'll have to hit a football game or two to see the show, at least!

photos to come. Keli needs the computer for homework...

Playing in my head: Keli's field show music from Cirque du Soleil

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