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Picasa is such a cool freebie software. Everybody should have it. :) That's my unpaid advertisement of the day.

A sneak peek of the photos that will be coming soon to Flickr... and while they upload, I'll finally get something on my scraped up knee. Because bare skin and concrete don't get along. The two met each other doing a couple miles per hour this morning after my foot dipped into the crater in the sidewalk that the paving stones are sinking into. Why a crater? Oh, I don't know... perhaps just water washing under it from torrential downpours. Or perhaps I just need a monkey the cat to come and tear the face off an unsuspecting rodent who has been tunneling too much under the sidewalk.

Playing in my head: Fix You because I'm now literally blasting Coldplay's X&Y. Hanging on to something other than Air Supply by my toenails... If it comes back Zoofy, you are so dead.

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