Greetings from New Mexico!

It was so warm and sunny when I arrived this afternoon! I had a terrific flight and bright and cheery drive north from Albuquerque. Once I got settled I made a couple of phone calls and then walked up to Starbucks for a little reading. When Keith got finished with work he walked over to meet me and then we headed out to the Blue Window for dinner. *sigh* I love how you can walk everywhere here.

I discovered something interesting about this little town when I drove in. It reminds me a lot of how it felt living at the USAFA 18 years ago. Except it has none of the military feel and all of the shopping and such within walking distance so there is much that is different, but something about it is similar. I think that's why it feels so comfortable to me here.

Tomorrow I'll post some photos from our recent adventures of Girls' Night. Of course, you could just go see them here. Aw heck. I'll just tell you about it now. My mom arranged a mystery drive to friends' Carol and Tom's beautiful place in the country. One of their horses recently added to the family and we got to see the newcomer who was only 12-days old! Go see! He's absolutely beautiful. And so are my girls... :)

Tomorrow, stay tuned for the curiosity of canned moose...

Today's miles: 3
Total so far: 468.75
Still to go for goal: 31.25

Playing in my head: Where Are You Going? by dmb (I've been getting in these little ruts - but they're good ruts. :)

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