the meme from Karl

The Meme (from Karl)

I haven't done a meme for a while. This one looked interesting...

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Alaskan Cruise (left Karl's in place because I've thought of this often. Dad and I talk about it off and on, eh Dad?)
2. Japan with Kel would be fun
3. See Kel go to Macalaster, I hope
4. celebrate the day they find the cure for cancer
5. drive a convertible cross country
6. live in the desert longer than a week or two!
7. figure out what I want to be when I grow up?

7 things I can do:
1. crochet
2. patiently help people learn to use computers
3. write computer software documentation and user manuals
5. test computer software
6. drive long distances and enjoy it
7. spend money I don't have (again, some of Karl's were just too good to remove!)

7 things I cannot do:
1. cook
2. remember things
3. use a chainsaw
4. cook
5. effectively be on top of very high ladders or other very high things
6. speak languages other than English
7. have I mentioned cook?

7 things that attracted me to the opposite sex: Keith
1. his hands
2. the way he dressed all GQ
3. his eyes
4. his cologne (I found the lamest excuses to get him up on my floor at work just to get that scent in the area...)
5. his mind and our discussions
6. his "young Tom Petty" look
7. his incredible smile and great teeth

7 things that I say most often: (why is this the hardest one?)
1. I can't remember!
2. What do you want for dinner?
3. Where are my sunglasses?
4. Do you know where my cellphone is?
5. What did I do with my money?
6. Oh crap. I lost it again.
7. I forgot.

7 celebrity crushes: (In no particular order)
1. J. Depp
2. R. Gere
3. E. McGregor
4. L. Armstrong
5. J. Cusack :)
6. That writer who wrote that series (HA!!!)
7. the Hughs (Grant and Jackman), Antonio, Edward Burns, Viggo..., tbc :)

7 people I want to do this:
1. Katie
2. KathyK
3. Lisa
4. Methinks
5. Ken (come on Ken, you know you want to!!! You're my only boy choice! You're special!)
6. K the newlywed! If you aren't too busy...
7. Kimby


a poem from my kiddo...

She had an assignment for her poetry class in which she was supposed to write a little ditty in a similar format to another poem they had just studied (which already slips my mind...) and based on someone they admire. She was going to select an artist, and then on further thought realized it had to be someone they knew better because they needed to know more personal stuff about them. Tonight she came home and suddenly announced she had decided to write it on me. And that she knew she could write about my quirks and make it amusing.

I was so proud and pleased when I read it! So I begged and pleaded to let me publish it here because I liked it so much. :) She didn't want me to because it was so quickly tossed off and she likes her "seen" poetry to be much more artistic and less off the cuff. But I got her special permission.

Blonde moments are not for just the young
As my dear mum shows with thick tongue.
Sometimes a good laugh quickly ensues
Our hearts filling with songs of this quite different tune.
Some call her a wit, a fun one and sweet
While her running to nowhere keeps her wildly upbeat.
She's a classy dresser - her gift card's worn out.
A small button woman, she's short but not stout.
Filled with more school spirit than her daughter ever will
Doesn't force the concept, only drinks her fill.
A hardworking mother, she's the greatest I am sure,
Her only fight is with cancer for we know there's a cure.
She loves a good pen, there's no better writer
A novel a November is her mission and it never sneaks by her.
Although she's not much for cooking she makes a mean frozen pizza.
She's cultured and wise without having seen the Mona Lisa.
Not one for religion she found her place in meditation,
She liked the reverence and bells and they became a fixation.
Now she's working hard and helping me move on in school
But to her this is fun and to learn is a rule.
She's hesitant and shy, but willing and able to cope,
Favorite motto boldly declaring "There is always hope!"
My mother's a keeper, I know this for a fact,
But maybe it's my good record that keeps her pleasantly lax.
She's short and she's pleasant while a little over-zealous,
But ladies and gents, she's my mum, you'll have to be jealous.

I love it that she thought to throw NaNoWriMo in, but I think line 15 is the classic part of the piece... ;) Though the whole last "chapter" of four lines (very accurate, dear) brought me to tears. Thanks, jelly-bean! I love you, too!

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 491.75
Still to go for goal: 8.25

Playing in my head: serious frustration I've spent hours trying to update Keli's gen 3 iPod today to no avail. Every time iTunes freezes and the iPod gets only a portion of the data. She's going to be stuck with very little music with an 8 hour bus ride this weekend. grrrrr :(


Photo Tuesday...

As I said yesterday, I'd get some photos posted once I got some computer time, so here you go. Head to Flickr for the vast majority of them, but here are a couple of highlights. :) Congratulations, Wildcats!

Here they are just finishing up the little dance number at the beginning of the show, added since the last competition. It went along with the music so great!
New dance number

This is the brass quintet with Keli's melaphone piece. She's on the right, there...
Brass Quintet

Here you can see the guard and some members of the percussion participating in a special dance/movement and at key points in the music they do a side to side motion and swing open water bottles over their heads cascading streams of water... the stadium lights pick this up and it makes such a great effect. The crowds have loved it and it has been a big surprise in every show so far.
Water surprise shot 1

Here is a nice shot of the colorful guard near the end of the show - right after the big water surprise...
Crisp Guard shot

And finally, here they are closing in on that final formation...
nearing final formation

Today's miles: 2 (Yeah, I'm savoring those last few to the finish line. heh)
Total so far: 487.75
Still to go for goal: 12.25

Playing in my head: Bridge Over Troubled Water as performed by Johnny Cash


Monday Monday...

Just returned from lunch at the Big Bowl where I filled up a bowl with vegies from the vegie bar and then let them add noodles and teriyaki and stir fry it all together. It was delicious. I lunched with my Gray Street buddy (Hi Cari! Did you find the comments yet?) today after taking Keith to the airport and seeing him off to New Mexico once again.

He was home this weekend to attend Keli's second competition of the year. This one took place in Miny-So-Tah once again and low and behold, they once again brought home a first place trophy in their class! They also brought home top percussion and top color guard... It was a great night for them! There are still five competitions left over the next three weekends. The last two were warmups for the Wisconsin competitions. Keep your fingers crossed that they manage to do so well back in the home state.

Half of the kids are at their usual state of sickness (including Kel) with coughs and horrible colds and sounding like they've got pneumonia, but they'll all hang in there until the season is done.

I can't believe this is Keli's last field show season. I'll really miss it next year. I'll have to hit a football game or two to see the show, at least!

photos to come. Keli needs the computer for homework...

Playing in my head: Keli's field show music from Cirque du Soleil


where there's smoke...

The first day we were hiking up in Tsankawi, the horizon and sky were the most beautiful deep blue and crystal clear. It was a perfect day. Well, both days were really. But when we drove up on Sunday, there was an ominous cloud in the north. And when we got back up on the plateau, we saw what it really was...


and this is a view toward the same horizon (approximately) from a similar location the day before...


Unfortunately that is the only photo I took of it that day. We heard later that evening on the news and the next morning that the fire had been put out, but then the next day, things looked much worse. We heard that there had actually been two wildfires, and they hadn't put out either one of them and the two had met up. That night the news was they had 0% containment now and things were pretty grim. When I drove out of town the next morning on my way south toward Santa Fe and then Albuquerque and the airport, the whole horizon was hazy and frightening. It was a sad sight. I hope things are in control now. I haven't been able to get much news about it since I have been back. A lot of people had been evacuated when I last heard.

Monday's miles: 4
Total so far: 485.75
Still to go for goal: 14.25

Playing in my head: Smoke from a Distant Fire Sanford Townsend Band

hope this works...

Picasa is such a cool freebie software. Everybody should have it. :) That's my unpaid advertisement of the day.

A sneak peek of the photos that will be coming soon to Flickr... and while they upload, I'll finally get something on my scraped up knee. Because bare skin and concrete don't get along. The two met each other doing a couple miles per hour this morning after my foot dipped into the crater in the sidewalk that the paving stones are sinking into. Why a crater? Oh, I don't know... perhaps just water washing under it from torrential downpours. Or perhaps I just need a monkey the cat to come and tear the face off an unsuspecting rodent who has been tunneling too much under the sidewalk.

Playing in my head: Fix You because I'm now literally blasting Coldplay's X&Y. Hanging on to something other than Air Supply by my toenails... If it comes back Zoofy, you are so dead.

I'm home...

Got home last night and I'm putting my photos together to try and get them up on Flickr. Should have done that at Keith's though. His connection is like lightnin!

Hope to get something up later.

Sunday's miles: 6
Total so far: 481.75
Still to go for goal: 18.25

Playing in my head: Being Simple by The Judybats



I got a phone call from one Jenorama tonight. She was only calling from the Coldplay concert so she could share a little awesome music with me. :) She couldn't hear a word I said (I was shouting how jealous I was) and I couldn't hear a word she said, but it was still absolutely effing cool to sort of hear her there shouting at me and hear the music in the background there. You rock lady!

Thanks for the fun phone calls! Getting the first call with the message of what you were doing was totally cool. I picked that one up when I hit LA. I had been driving up the nighttime New Mexico highways and couldn't get to the phone (I forgot my headset at home this trip and it's against the law to drive and hold a phone in your hand around here - smart laws, I say!).

Today's miles: 5
Total so far: 475.75
Still to go for goal: 24.25

Playing in my head: The Hardest Part by Coldplay


She's at it again!

Some of you know that 920 921 posts ago, I started this little blog upon the inspiration of this little lady who had a great idea to run 500 miles to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure (only in Marn's case, she calls it the Jog for the Jugs!). Well, Marn was my inspiration to get this whole thing going. She gave me the idea to do my own 500 miles (nearly 1500 miles ago) and utilize the blog to help raise funds for the Relay.

And now? She's doing it again! It's time once again for her annual Jog for the Jugs! Now I know that you're tapped out. You've got so many great causes asking you for donations (including me!) with Hurricane Katrina and kids going off to college and what all. But if you can see your way fit to head over and give her a hand by donating even five dollars, she and I would totally appreciate it. You can even honor someone you love and she'll add their name to her run shirt. If they are a survivor, she'll get their name on the wall of hope at the run site. It's all good, people. And she's got a Bazoonga Boosters Hall O' Fame that you won't want to miss, either. Get your names added over there for donating, as well! :)

Today's additional miles: 7 (yes, I walked!)
Total so far: 477.75
Still to go for goal: 22.25

Playing in my head: Touch of Grey by Grateful Dead

Moose abuse?

In the never-ending quest to satisfy my moose-lust (?) and stop me from moose-napping the quite adorable moose/reindeer (what is it?) from the lonely bench from which it is banished in my parents' home, Anonymous and Mrs. Anonymous (The Anonymooses?) acquired for me one canned moose. Not a misprint.

I had several misgivings about opening this can. Would I find it filled with moose droppings? Sure, the can said "one fuzzy moose" but who knew what it would really contain? I was filled with fear as I turned the handle of the can opener. But my fear turned to sadness when I saw the squashed fuzzy butt staring up at me and had to tug and pull to release the extremely wedged-in critter from his air-locked aluminum hell. He was unrecognizable as a moose as he emerged from the metal cocoon. Keli gasped and made a booboo-lip face when she first saw his crumpled little body.

Free the mooses!

We feel this overwhelming need now to buy up all the canned moose we can find and release each and every one of them. But that would only cause an increase in the whole chain of supply and demand, causing the manufacturers to can that many more. Then they'd probably think about all of the other critters they could can. *sigh* It's a never-ending nasty cycle, I'm sure. But truly an ugly case of moose abuse.

And just to set the record straight here, because people seem to be really concerned and confused, I do not in any way, shape or form, believe this moose to be ugly, unsightly, or any other "u" words. I just feel really bad that some company is trapping them in cans to sell them and profit from them. I say again, FREE THE MOOSES!

Today's miles: 2 so far
Total so far: 470.75
Still to go for goal: 29.25

Playing in my head: thwap thwap of the vertical blinds in the breeze


Greetings from New Mexico!

It was so warm and sunny when I arrived this afternoon! I had a terrific flight and bright and cheery drive north from Albuquerque. Once I got settled I made a couple of phone calls and then walked up to Starbucks for a little reading. When Keith got finished with work he walked over to meet me and then we headed out to the Blue Window for dinner. *sigh* I love how you can walk everywhere here.

I discovered something interesting about this little town when I drove in. It reminds me a lot of how it felt living at the USAFA 18 years ago. Except it has none of the military feel and all of the shopping and such within walking distance so there is much that is different, but something about it is similar. I think that's why it feels so comfortable to me here.

Tomorrow I'll post some photos from our recent adventures of Girls' Night. Of course, you could just go see them here. Aw heck. I'll just tell you about it now. My mom arranged a mystery drive to friends' Carol and Tom's beautiful place in the country. One of their horses recently added to the family and we got to see the newcomer who was only 12-days old! Go see! He's absolutely beautiful. And so are my girls... :)

Tomorrow, stay tuned for the curiosity of canned moose...

Today's miles: 3
Total so far: 468.75
Still to go for goal: 31.25

Playing in my head: Where Are You Going? by dmb (I've been getting in these little ruts - but they're good ruts. :)

guess who is guess where?

Hint: This was the view from my window on the drive up from the airport in my rental car.

Today's miles: oh hundreds... (oh that's right - this means miles run... heh. None yet)
Total so far:
Still to go for goal:

Yesterday's miles: 4
Total so far: 465.75
Still to go for goal: 34.25

Playing in my head: Trouble by Dave Matthews Band (I love my iPod when I'm travelling! w007


done my duty...

Forgive the grainy nature of the photos, but I was sitting way up in the stands and had the video camera going and got snapshots off that. I just find the series so humorous... The lot of us were up there with pom-pons (yes, there is an "n" at the end - take it from a former danceline girl ;) ) hollering and waving our arms so that Keli would see where we were. Well, she spotted us and was properly embarrassed by us. (It is my job as mother of a teen sometimes, isn't it? People keep telling me that anyway). Then she pointed us out to her friend.... Who as you can see by the set of snaps, got into the spirit of things and egged us on by waving wildly back at us, embarrassing Kel even more. The look on her face and her body motions just kill me.

Do a slide show. I love flipping through the whole series of them with my photo editing software like an old flipbook. It makes me laugh out loud. :)

Today's miles: none yet
Total so far:
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Playing in my head: strange by tori amos



First off - drumroll... Kel's band took first place in their first competition of the year! How cool is that? And of course, I've got photos!

I should stay up late and just upload a mess of them to Flickr when I've got a good connection. We enjoyed many fine bands at the competition. And some interesting things, too. Like the most underutilized characters ever brought into a show. How about a Christine and Phantom who moved only once and then stood at the back of the field with their backs to us for the entire rest of the production? They could have been far better utilized. I mean, what better music is there to do a lot of big stuff to than Phantom?

Or how about a show using the music from the movie Pollock in which the guard did a large abstract painting on a large canvas during the show. When it was nearly finished I leaned forward to one of my seatmates and said, "It's a uterus!" knowing I would turn her a shade of red and get her laughing in a manner that mention of only certain body parts can... right J? :) This made neighbor H ask what I'd said, so I told her, too. She joined in the laughter. But just look at the photo and tell me that it wasn't!!! And then the music continued and got louder and more excited and then another member of the guard came along and added her own flourish to the painting finishing it off just as the music came to a final crescendo!! H turned to us and said, "It's an angry uterus! And by golly, check it out. If she isn't correct! Well, I think so anyway, what do you think?

We all enjoyed watching our band being silly running around with the giant flag and trying to find Keli in the crowd. She was appropriately embarrassed by us, as she should be. It was a great day. Hours and hours in the wind. Strong wind. Thank goodness because the humidity was ridiculous. It made my allergies suffer all the next day, which totally sucked, but give me warm weather for these things any day. The cold is coming soon enough. We've been really lucky with the weather during the past three years, though. The rain has bothered us very infrequently and I'm keeping fingers crossed that we'll have the same luck this year. More photos to come gradually as I get them uploaded...

full band line

pit water dance

Matthew and Glenn duet

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 461.75
Still to go for goal: 38.25

Monday's miles: 5
Total so far: 457.75
Still to go for goal: 42.25

Saturday's miles: 2
Total so far: 452.75
Still to go for goal: 47.25

Thursday's miles: 4
Total so far: 450.75
Still to go for goal: 49.25

Playing in my head: a sorta fairytale by tori amos


old tales

Well, I've been told by my Gray Street buddy that now that she's reading more frequently, I need to get out here and post more often. So here I am. And I've told her that now that she's reading more frequently, she needs to comment. It's a two-way street. ;) I love to know who visits me, after all. Your comments mean a lot to me, even when I don't have the courtesy to always respond like some bloggers I know who are incredible at that and always send some sort of response. *coughchriscough* (Where does he find the time? And he calls himself Rude! ;) )

I cannot believe we are in the midst of the second week of September. There is a home football game tomorrow night (meaning the marching band performs their field show in front of an audience for the first time) and on Saturday, the first competition of the big show. This means weekends between now and late October are hitting that fast and furious pace and when it is all wrapped up, winter will be upon us.


My family has been happily looking ahead to winter for the past several weeks. And me? I've been bemoaning my fate all this time. Winter means facing Lurch. Lurch and I aren't so gladly acquainted. I'm not such a great fan of Lurch. And in reviewing old posts on this blog, I realize that I never posted the story of the time Lurch and I failed to see eye to eye on things. Or rather, the day I ignored the safety key that was installed on my treadmill for a reason... (the following was originally written back in November of 2003 but never posted btw):

I was reading out at Mel & Matt's blog yesterday and was haunted by memories of an incident with my treadmill that I thought might be of some use to any treadmillers who may read along here and may ignore the safety features provided with the treadmills. (WOW! Could one person write the word "Treadmill" in one sentence any more than that and get away with it? I say loud and strong - NO!)

I was once where you are and this is my story (gawd, I sound so serious here...)

Last year or so, I was humming along on my lovely treadmill down in my family room. I had it pushed up against the wall facing the tv room so I could pop a movie in the VCR as usual. The back of the treadmill was a few inches from the credenza full of books. We had it cornered in such a way to make enough room for the ping-pong table because we have tournaments on the weekends during family night. Anyway, it's a great treadmill... nice wide track, safety cord to attach to your waistband which pulls out the key and stops the track should you fall or step away from the treadmill at any time. Well, I didn't need this attached to me. "When have I ever fallen?"

So I'm walking along (this was before my running days) at a good clip and watching some movie or possibly even reading, I'm not sure what I was doing at the time (I've blocked it), when I stepped wide because I got a little off balance. My foot didn't fall completely on the belt, so it stuck and didn't roll with the belt and my body began to twist and fall.

Let's face it. I went down. On my a$$. Just like an old lady. I was down for the count.

And did the belt stop when I went down? No, of course not. Because I wasn't wearing that key. It kept right on going just like the belt on a supermarket checkout stand.

And what happened to the crazy one when I fell on my a$$ with that moving belt?

I shot right off the back side of the treadmill crashing into the credenza, of course. (Are you picturing George Jetson when he's walking Astro on the treadmill and Astro starts running after a cat who jumps on the belt in front of him and George falls down? Yeah. That's kind of accurate at first...) I was lucky, though. There was enough of a slant to the treadmill that I wasn't wedged completely between the two, most of my body was thrown beside the credenza. Only my leg was trapped between the credenza and the moving belt.

Yep. Wedged. Right there. Between the moving belt and the credenza. Uh huh. It was still moving. And my leg was wedged. Belt burn I call it. I lost a fair amount of flesh that day. Just a flesh wound! It only took a small amount of time to get my brains back and figure out that I needed to pull my leg out. Got a fair amount of bruises off the credenza when I hit it before the wedging took place, too.

I had sort of conveniently forgotten all about this mishap until I read about Mel's having to jump off the treadmill at the gym in her blog yesterday because the safety features on that treadmill weren't working! Poor girl. What a trauma for her. Would have been for me.

I had moved the treadmill out of that location. There is a lot of room behind it now so there isn't any chance I'll be wedged anyplace if I go shooting off the backside of it ever again. And I always wear the safety key now. Like that's going to help me if the key stops working. Something new to worry about. (Thanks, Mel.)

Just thought I would remind you all that those keys are there for a reason and I hope that you all wear them and don't think you don't need them. And pick your treadmill at the gym carefully. Make certain they are located in a place where you won't be wedged in a bad place should you fall and shoot off the backside of them. Or that you have plenty of jumping room should you require it.

Have a good day.

Today's miles: none as yet...
Total so far:
Still to go for goal:

Wednesday's miles: 5
Total so far: 446.75
Still to go for goal: 53.25

Tuesday's miles: 4.5
Total so far: 441.75
Still to go for goal: 58.25

Playing in my head: Flintstones theme Don't ask me why it isn't the Jetsons... I only live inside here...


Late night rambling

Having a busy weekend. Rather, I'm having a nice calm weekend doing fun things with family and staying away from the computer. I'm sitting at the computer now because I needed something to do that would keep me awake while I wait for Keli to either get home from the party she is attending or calls me to have me come and get her.

I managed to get a run in today here rather than going into town to do it. It was a difficult run. My legs felt like lead and my lungs didn't want to cooperate at all. I think it was the wind messing with my breathing that contributed to all of it. Keith is back from New Mexico for the long weekend. It's been nice spending time together rather than talking on the phone. Because friends and family know how much I just love talking on the phone. Teenage me didn't mind it. I loathe it now.

Rather than trying to form a coherent post, I'm going to upload a photo or two from the camera and then do a little blog-walking until she shows up or calls. This is just too painful (for all of us, I'm sure).

Keep on doing what you can for the people of the southern Gulf coastal region. While Bush drags his feet, the rest of the world will step up.

Today's miles: 5
Total so far: 437.25
Still to go for goal: 62.75

Thursday's miles: 4.3
Total so far: 432.25
Still to go for goal: 67.75

Wednesday's miles: 3
Total so far: 427.95
Still to go for goal: 72.05

Playing in my head: She's Only Happy in the Sun by Ben Harper