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Observe our team - what we wore for shirts - and on our faces...

Now observe the mysterious young woman I saw at the WBL Relay last night... I think someone really liked our idea! :)




Remember these beauties???

Well, tonight I add my lovely second cousin Amy to my inspiration list. :( I'll fill in details later. Now I'm off to a Relay in the area to light a luminaria for her.

Love you darling. And I know that you shall beat this beast. For hubby Dan and for sweet little Piper's sake. And mommy Dianne and sissy Mindola ;). And because you are just so damn strong!

A luminaria for Amy... Blurry intentionally.

More photos to follow... It was a moving night.

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Bargh! Dial up is killing me!

I am truly going to go crazy...

Playing in my head: Touch Myself With visions of Austin Powers rolling around on top of his bed in International Man of Mystery...


More hiking!

and thus, more pix...

eventually I'll load them up on the photo software and people can go look at the whole kit and kaboodle, but for now, just see the best of them here.

Mostly taken by Keli...

First there was the main Bandelier hike...

And then there was the long hike through Falls Canyon to find the waterfalls! What a beautiful hike that was. We learned we were hiking along the edge of an ancient volcano! And it had formed the most beautiful and interesting formations in the cliffs...

The falls themselves turned out to be not so impressive, due to lack of rain recently (you may be able to see a bit of dark glossiness in the next shot where the actual water is trickling down... heh), but the hike was spectacular, so no complaints!

We had a stop at the fabulous overlook for one last view before leaving Bandelier and then

it was off to Santa Fe for the rest of the day!

We had worked hard with all of our hiking, so we went to La Fonda for the wonderful guacamole I wrote about the last time I was here (made at our table from the freshest ingredients... yum!) in a lovely setting, before coming back to the apartment to collapse for the evening. Aren't the colors in Santa Fe simply stunning?

Saturday's miles: 7.25
Total so far: 372.01
Still to go for goal: 127.99
(Grand total mileage thus far: 1369.82)

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We hiked Friday afternoon...

through a few canyons near the apartment and beyond.

A photo essay... (apologies to other dial-up users. Believe me, I know your pain.)

Yesterday's miles: 4
Total so far: 364.76
Still to go for goal: 135.24
(Grand total mileage thus far: 1362.57)

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Update - Latest Quiz

Easy-peasy Where am I?


  • I've been up since 7. (Hey, that's early for me lately!)

  • I've walked 3 miles already.

  • I've been to the hardware store.

  • I've been to Starbucks ("Where everybody knows your name...")

  • I've breathed in lots of fresh mountain air.

  • I've been to the farmer's market where I bought a green chili chocolate chip scone (yeah, it sounded interesting and I'm still working up the courage to taste it).

  • I'm planning on eating an enchilada with green chilis and black beans for lunch after another walk.

(Keli photo - she took many gorgeous shots in Santa Fe today)

My mileage for today was a total guess. Keli and I walked our butts off in Santa Fe this afternoon after eating at The Blue Window. I did have that enchilada of which I spoke/wrote this morning. It was wonderful. :) And tonight for dinner we had Chinese. Tomorrow for lunch I think we are going to a sushi place near Keith's work after we see the photo exhibit that I never made it to on my last trip out here. Got back to my favorite jewelry store today. But I was quite self-controlled. Although I did buy my beautiful daughter a gift. She chose very well. As I told her though, one of these days she'll have to put up with my having the same bead because she chose one of my favorites. We didn't find her a pair of replacement moccasins, which she was most looking forward to. I'm still hoping to get out to Bandelier for a good hike again before I leave here. I want to go up and find the waterfalls that I've read about.

Today's miles: 7
Total so far: 360.76
Still to go for goal: 139.24
(Grand total mileage thus far: 1358.57)

Okay. I'm going to go back and try and get some sleep again. I gave up after 90 minutes of failure. I'll give it another shot now.

Oh wait - first of all, I need to add another name to the inspiration list. My friend Beanie has lost a client to ovarian cancer very recently. Sunny is going on the list and I'm hoping to get out for a run tomorrow (if I get any sleep tonight). My very next run is dedicated to her. Hugs to you, Beanie!! And to Sunny's family and friends.

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NOT a result of the storms...

I guess he didn't like what he was reading?

Or perhaps it was a little too tough for him to comprehend?

I dunno... But it sure was a strange sight to behold when I found our little reader had lost his head!

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How I spent my weekend...

Spent my Saturday in Moose Lake, Minnesota. They were celebrating their Agate Festival over the weekend and Saturday was the day they had their Agate Stampede! Now who can miss that??? Huh? Not me! That's who! So I headed north and took in the festivities. I got there with a half hour to spare and get my place on Main Street with camera in hand for the big stampede. I not only wanted to take part this year, but I also wanted to get a couple of snapshots.

Yep, this is a big deal in these here parts. It was the 36th annual Agate Stampede, in fact. I was happy to see that this year they had a special section set aside for kids 10 and under because some of the adults get a little over enthusastic when the cannons go off to announce the start of the agate search. I'm getting a little ahead of myself, though.

First there was the lining up of the crowds...

Then came the dump truck, which drove down the middle of Main Street, dumping a huge pile of aggregate, which included 300 pounds of Lake Superior Agates and $300 worth of quarters mixed in.

And when they'd worked the crowd up into a nice little hyper frenzy, they shot off the cannons and let them (us) loose to go dig through the surprisingly dirty rocks to find these prizes. Now the experienced rock hounds had with them squirt bottles of water for spraying the rocks to clean them off so they could see if they did indeed have agates in hand (the rest of us just spit - HA! kidding), and buckets or bags to dump their quarry into. You can probably see these in the hands of some of the crowd in the pictures.

Playing in my head: Crash and Burn by Savage Garden :)

Happy Birthday!

Did you know? Neither did I! But I do now!

Go tell Vickie Happy Birthday!

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 353.76
Still to go for goal: 146.24
(Grand total mileage thus far: 1351.57)

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The Storm...

Just before I left for New Mexico, we had a really intense storm here. I was reminded of it last night when the storm alerts went off again and I realized I had never blogged any of the photos of the damage done to the forest from the Pre-New Mexico storm. When I woke up in the morning to load the car and drive out, I first had to go clear the driveway of a bit of an obstruction:

Once I saw that from my office window, I thought I'd better wander around and see what else had happened. I mean, that was quite a shocker, because when the storm came up and Kel and I wandered off to the basement, not really thinking it was any big deal, we just popped in a movie and then went to bed when it was over (the movie, the storm had ended long before), so imagine my surprise, when I headed to the sunroom and was greeted not just by our usual landscaping, but by a treetop! So I grabbed Kel's camera, tossed on some clothes and wandered out the back door to snap a few pics. First there was this:

Which I followed out to this:

And as I kept walking, I realized it was one big natural dominoes game that ended right at the end of our patio. We totally lucked out again. This photo (fourth down) sort of shows the line of broken off trunks.

Once I got home a week and a half later, it was a much uglier sight to see because all of the leaves had turned brown on those downed trees. And I got to see them in the afternoon when the sun had moved to the other side of that dominoes game. *sigh* It isn't pretty. We're getting a lot more afternoon sun in the south.

I kept moving on my little walk that morning and headed up the hill to see how things looked up there. That's where the little old hunting shack is where we take games on New Year's Eve and hang out lighting a fire in the wood stove and celebrating the turning of the new year. It's a little tradition. Well it's also where most of the giant old oak live on our property. There are some oak down in the lower area, but the previous owner did a bit of harvesting of the oak and cherry before he cleared out, so much of what we have down in our area is very young oak, plus a lot of poplar and other younger timber. Well, this is what I found up top... That's cherry. Some of the hardest wood you can grow. :(

And there were two ginormous old oak trees uprooted, also. And shingles ripped off the roof of our little cabin. And a big oak branch lying on the roof. It was just amazing the destruction that had occured in this one storm that seemed so minor. And I know that for those of you dealing with hurricanes, this probably is minor. And we had no damage to our house, so we are counting our blessings. The trees stopped falling before they hit the house. How fortunate could we be? And the one in the driveway was rotten enough and far enough out that I could take care of most of it myself and once I shook Kel from bed, she was able to help me with the rest before I had to take off driving. It was just so sad for me to see.

And while I was gone? Another incredible storm came through town. I've heard eight inches of rain dumped on the town in such a short time they had people riding inner tubes down the streets for fun! :) Ah well. Last night was a minor one. And the new trees got watered. A good blessing.

Now I must get running. There are things to be done before I think of traveling again.

Oh, but just one more thing before I go...

Oh yeah... You GO, Baby!!!

AP photo

His powerful ride silenced doubts that Armstrong is too old at 33, or too jaded after his record six victories, to win again. He is following the winning formula of previous years -- when Armstrong hammered rivals in the mountains, building up leads that carried him to victory in Paris. (from SI.com)

Come on, 33 years old - too old??? Who are they kidding? pshaw. He's just a kid in his prime!

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The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

A couple of updates to my list of inspirations...

While I was in New Mexico,

CraigW lost his battle with leukemia. He left behind a wife and two beautiful children, as well as a large extended family and many friends.

Keith's mom let us know this morning that family friend Mae had passed away this morning, too. She will be missed.

Last Night's miles: 3
Total so far: 349.76
Still to go for goal: 150.24
(Grand total mileage thus far: 1347.57)

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I give up... *sigh*

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

It's too freakin' hot to try and figure out what is wrong with the old template. I'd love to have Kel's gorgeous photo on it. Maybe someday I can figure out how to get it back on here without messing up this layout. Maybe not.

But for now? I'd just as soon use a layout that works. Later I'll finish getting everything else on here. I have to feed her and get her to the school for marching practice. She's going to melt out there tonight. It's like a sauna outside the house. And I'm going to try and get my own miles in while she does that. Wish us both luck.

Last Week's missing miles: 4
Total so far: 346.76
Still to go for goal: 153.24
(Grand total mileage thus far: 1344.57)

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I'm home...

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

Speedy check-in from my parents' house...

Haven't had time on the computer at home and the connection there has been a slow beast anyway.

I'm home! Had a great time in New Mexico. It's my second favorite place to be. Lovely weather. Lovely place to be. I have more mileage to post. More photos to post, perhaps. Looking forward to blogwalking when I have a few more minutes.

My last full day out in NM was the day I planned to attend the photo exhibit at the historical society in town. I didn't get there. But, the exhibit takes place through September, and I'm planning on getting Keli out there for a week soon, so I hope to get to the exhibit at that time. Keli is the ace photographer in the family so I would have had to see it again anyway. Anyway, I got some laundry done for Keith, did a little cleaning up, and drove up and picked him up from work early so we could to to the gift store before they closed and then to Santa Fe where we visited the very cool Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. This was one of the places Keli and I had gotten to during our Hippie Road Trip which I didn't mind visiting again because I loved it so much the first time. And again I made sure and got into the gift shop to pick up scads of post cards of her art work. The current exhibit was "The Flowers of Georgia O'Keeffe and Andy Warhol" and it was great.

From there we went to dinner with some friends/co-workers of Keith's and their spouses and children at a restaurant called La Fonda right off the plaza where I had the most incredible and fresh quacamole ever. It was made right at our table and if I never have quacamole again, that will be okay, because I have had the best. But I will have it again. Next time I go to New Mexico because I plan to go back to La Fonda and take Keli there to try it. Yum. Fantastic.

Okay. I'm outta here. Kel and I need some dinner. Later!

Playing in my head: T-Mobile Jingle because a new cellphone arrived in the mail for me today and Kel and I have been playing around with it getting it all set up. It's a picture phone! No more dinosaur phone, though. After all this time... *sniffle* I might have to have a farewell party for my phone. :)


Just keep scrolling... there's a quiz!

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

Thank you to everyone who is reading along and has the patience to scroll past the sidebar to find my entries! I promise that when I get home I'll try hard to figure out the problem or send the code to someone who will (Anybody with a couple free minutes PLEASE offer to take a look at this? I'm stumped.)

And how about that Lance? Huh??? Photograph by
Bruno Bade, Ingrid Hoffmann or Jean-Christophe Moreau

Pop rocks make for an entertaining breakfast.

Yesterday I stopped at Starbuck's in the morning after I walked Keith to work (it's right across the street from his work, and therefore, only a few blocks from his apartment, is that the coolest or what, Bill?) I asked for my usual grande skinny vanilla latte, and this time they had some really fresh lemon pound cake slices, so I asked for a slice of that, too. This was my first time in this particular Starbucks, by the way. I hadn't felt the need for coffee in the morning or had been in a hurry to get started at something else or whatever. Yesterday, I was about to drive off to Sante Fe for a morning on my own and decided I needed the boost. So the order-taker asked for my name to write on the cup. I said it, and they wrote it down.

I wandered to the end of the counter to wait, the barrista handed up my cup and said, "nonfat vanilla latte for Keri" as she put it up on the counter. That's when I caught site of how it had been spelled without my spelling it out for them. Now, I have an unusual spelling for my name. It's getting less-so, I will admit. There are a couple of hollywood actresses and a woman who does workout videos and yes, an adult actress who all spell their name the same way I do. But my name was spelled KERI on my cup. ??? What's up with that?

So I headed back to the apartment, answered a few emails, and headed to Santa Fe. I ordered a bracelet from my favorite jewelry artists. I'm told it will probably have to be mailed to me as they put the beads with the rope and attach it all together after things are picked out. It isn't ready-made. Then I headed back to Bandelier for some hiking. It was a gorgeous day and there are several miles of hiking trails we haven't hit yet. So I hiked one of them for a good hour. I took a couple of pictures.

This little critter is, of course, a squirrel. Any of you living in the Southwest probably don't find him to be too remarkable. He's a lot different than the squirrels I'm used to up in the Midwest, though. He's called an Abert, or tassel-eared squirrel. I had a much-better line on him in my camera until another couple came bounding up the path and scared him.

And this is a scene at the near end of that path before reaching the Alcove House.
The Alcove House is an archeological site which is reached by climbing 140 feet on a series of ladders.

Here's a quiz... (family and very close friends who know me too well are ineligible to play) I passed on this adventure for the day because:

a) I was wearing a dress
b) I was alone and while I don't mind climbing up ladders I usually have some difficulties turning around at the top of great heights and coming back down and thought that might be a problem with a bunch of strangers
c) I was limited on time and needed to get back. Keith was leaving work early so that we could get to a museum before it closed at the end of the day
d) all of the above

Afterwards, I called Keith to let him know that I was leaving Bandelier and which direction I was headed. He told me "Bad call on the direction. I just heard they closed the truck route due to fire." So we chatted a bit on directions and he said he'd call back. Another phone call and me freaking out because I thought I was being forced into a restricted government area and then me freaking out some more because I was getting all turned around and there were police all over due to road closures and the like, and I finally made it back to an area I was familiar with and didn't get arrested for being in the wrong place or anything... phew!

I think I'll stay close to the apartment today. I'll do a little laundry, a little cleaning... It will be a quiet day. I'll walk around a little and after he gets done work, maybe we'll actually get to that museum that we keep missing. Oh! And there is always that photo exhibit that opens today, too. There's that. And tomorrow I drive.

And drive.

And drive.

Thurday's miles: 7
Total so far: 342.76
Still to go for goal: 157.24

Playing in my head: License to Chill by Jimmy Buffet. Thanks for putting HIM in my head. Yeah. You know who you are.


A photo (or two) from today...

This is the view from just a five minute walk outside Keith's apartment. I put a load of laundry into the washer today, stepped outside the laundry room for the building and across the parking lot, headed down the canyon path for five minutes and this is where I found myself. I sat down on a sunny rock and pulled out the camera.

The mountains/hills out there may be too difficult to see the detail (click on to embiggen!), but a few years back there was a devastating fire that wiped out much of the trees and came right down to the lab. There were many houses wiped out, as well. So some of the hills look very green off in the distance but the closer ones, not so much. That is a result of the fire. The growth is now starting to come back, but I'm sure it will be many years before you can look at those mountains and not be able to see where the fire did its destruction.

This particular shot was taken (and it is actually turned in the right direction...) from the same rock, but I've stood up and walked over to the side of it and taken a photo of another slab of rock that is standing on edge next to me. I just loved the sharp face of it. Cool, huh? I'm looking straight down at the ground that it is standing on and it's probably a good 100 feet down, although it looks like a much shorter drop in the photo.

Oh, and finally before I go to bed tonight...
(ap photo)

Go Lance!