updated For Lisa... more clues... and today's WWKW?

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

Obviously people need more clues about the movie I watched while running. These outta help...
It would be delightful to report that they reached the nursery in time... but then, there would be no story.

To die would be an awfully big adventure.

You can't catch me and make me a man.

Old! Alone! Done for!
I ended up migraining most of yesterday, so I didn't ever get my run in. I'm headed to Lurch now to put in Lisa's miles.

Today's mileage:

Today's miles: 4.25
Total so far: 76.5
Still to go for goal: 423.5

A couple of clues from today's movie:

Stars Ernestine, Benjamin and Alfie

"Nobody sits like this rock sits. You rock, rock. The rock just sits and is. You show us how to just sit here and that's what we need."

I love that part... You rock, rock. If you've seen the movie, you have to remember that line. Of course, a certain teen didn't remember it. The teen who remembers all movie lines. She must have been smoochin' during that line. *Ahem*

Oh certain teen, I totally want to post that photograph you took of your boyfriend on my blog because it is such an awesome photograph and you and I both know it. Can I post it? You'll have to let me know before you fly away to Japan. You have fab skills as a photograper, my child. Just want you to know I think so. (I just said totally and awesome on my blog. I so have a teenager that I hang out with! heh)

Playing in my head: Daniel as performed by Sir Elton

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