For Dana and family... my movies resolved...

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

I wonder if there is anyone else in the world as addicted to pens as me?

Answers to WWKW - The answers to the first clues - Hutch, you were right with the first part of your guess. It was Peter Pan. The 2003/4 version. It's a great movie that I've seen a few times in only a few months and I'm still not tired of it. They did some great stuff with CGI for Tinkerbell. And the actress who plays her is wonderful. I've mentioned all this before - the first time I watched it. If you have any interest in the story, rent this version. It's cute and well done. (And Hook is a pretty hot guy - heh).

As for "You rock, rock." That and the other clues with it were from the movie I finished today. Benjamin is the character Dustin Hoffman played in The Graduate, of course. Lily Tomlin was Ernestine in Laugh-In (and I believe a one-woman show about Ernestine). Jude Law played the title character Alfie in the movie... All three of these people star in the movie I Heart Huckabees.

Went to the Bungalow today for the annual family gathering to celebrate Grandma Lilah's birthday. The family always took her out for corn beef and cabbage every year and we have continued to gather for lunch in her honor. Afterwords I stopped at Cafe la Poste for a cup of coffee and low and behold - fresh mocha java scones! yummm. While there I heard the snow storm that's coming is growing even larger in proportion. Looking at the radar I can actually see it coming now. Ugh.

Have I mentioned that I am SO ready for winter to be over already? *sigh*

Hutch, did your candy bars ever arrive or did the postal people pilfer them all? Were they edible or did they get smashed and broken during mailing? Hope they were okay.

I ran today for Dana and her Papa and family. Things are a wee bit stressful for them right now. Please keep them all in your thoughts.

Today's miles: 4.25
Total so far: 80.75
Still to go for goal: 419.25

Heading over to Amazon now to figure out which Diana Krall song I have currently stuck in my head. This happens when I go to la Poste. They play her with pretty regular frequency. I love her music, so I don't mind. Unless I don't know the names of the songs. I actually spent time getting my birthday iPod set up and loaded up with some music last night just so I could get a Diana Krall song downloaded in order to have something of hers to listen to. You really get your money's worth when you purchase one of her tunes for a buck on iTunes because some of them are so long! :)

Playing in my head: Something wonderful by Diana Krall. Back when I figure out which one.

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