Sunday bullets...

A couple of notes for Sunday -

  • I wasn't figuring in any migraines when I jumped on the "Finish the 500 For Valentine's Day!" feat suggested by Hutch. Today's mileage is going to be slow going so as not to raise the blood pressure. But I will get something posted or fall pitifully behind. May not post them until tomorrow, however.

  • Haloscan is testing some new code this weekend, so there may be some noticeable problems with commenting (like not being able to see that there are comments in a post for example?).

  • I see there aren't people guessing at this latest movie so I'm adding a second photo clue. Not an obvious one. The third will be more helpful if this one isn't.

Yes, those are nekkid man butts. Hope nobody is overly offended.

  • Heading out soon to return Keith to his apartment. Is everyone off at Superbowl parties today?

  • It's snowing here. I'm hoping for good roads. I'm not feeling much up to a difficult drive on slick ones. What happened to the beautiful spring weather of last week? I want summer now. Winter can clear on out as far as I'm concerned.

  • Today's miles are dedicated to Angelia, daughter of yesterday's stamp party demonstrator. Angelia is a Brain Tumor Warrior! I'll add her to my Inspirations list now, too. She is doing great after having her tumor removed.

Okay. Time for a quick shower to help me wake up, post the second clue for WWKW, and get on the road. I'll be back after that for a long slow walk to get some mileage posted for Angelia.

Today's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 473.48
Still to go for goal: 26.52

Playing in my head: the sound of the coffee grinder as Keith prepares beans to take back to his apartment...

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