Sunday - and the final countdown...

I hear a very low helicoptor out there. I think they're trying to get a peek in the hot tub. :)

It's raining out there right now. Nasty gray and gloomy weather. Fitting skies for my mood this afternoon.

Today I'm running for Stacey's friends Noel and Ian. Noel is battling breast cancer. And Ian? Ian is Noel's son, and received a bone marrow transplant as treatment for leukemia about a year ago. Stacey and her husband Bill have been a couple of my fabulously huge supporting contributors in my Relay for Life fundraising efforts. So go visit them and share some love. Thank you both, so much!

Update: I finished the 500 miles in a much different way than last time. There was little in the way of fanfare today, I'm afraid, but this was to be expected, given the circumstances... There was no finish line to cross (a bit harder on a treadmill, granted), no Chariots of Fire blaring from the speakers, no medal placed around my neck... Meh, what's another five hundred miles, after all? ;) Now I need to do four scarves on order for my Auntie in Washington state. She sent me a hugedonation and called it my "downpayment on the scarves" so that's my next task. Then, who knows?

There are candy bars to sell, of course. Caramel ones at the moment. CARAMEL! Yummm...

And there is still a wonderdog to care for...

Now I must shower. Keli and I are off to a Henna for Tsunami party tonight. I can't wait!

But first, I want to say that the run was wonderful. I returned to some of the initial days of the running when I really concentrated on that inspiration list and I spent time sending healthy cells and energy out through the universe to Ian and Noel. I turned off the movie for a while and just gave them all my mental energy. It was really good medicine for the run. I recommend it highly.

Today's miles: 4.5
Total so far: 500
Still to go for goal: 0

Since this is the second of my 500 miles, this is actually my 1000th mile since I began on November 15th, 2003. Not a stellar performance in the world of the REAL runners, but pretty big shite for me.

Playing in my head: Chariots of Fire Theme

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