Today's run is in honor of Bluegrass Mama's husband, Steve. She says about him: "My husband is a survivor, too; he had an astrocyoma in his spinal cord. He has some permanent nerve damage from it, but over 16 years later, life is good!" So I've added him to my Honor Roll and dedicate today's miles to him! It's always good to hear about these long-time survivors!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH, BONNIE! I had a great time at my very first ever Stamp party today. Now if I can just make a decision about what I want to buy from the catalog full of beautiful stuff. I know it will all come in handy for doing the scrapbooking that I'd like to get brave enough to try, too...

Okay. Off to the treadmill and a movie. I'll be back to post the mileage and the photo soon... What Will Keri Watch today?

Today's miles: 4.2
Total so far: 469.98
Still to go for goal: 30.02

Sorry that it is so dark. I didn't realize it at the time, or I would have turned the lights up a little bit. Hope you can still see our hero well enough to identify the movie of the hour...

Playing in my head: Popular from Wicked (2003 Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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