Saturday evening...

It's crazy having a whole day at home to putz around and not have anybody around needing me to do anything for them. I'm scattered. The coffee is good. The music is nice. The kitchen is almost clean, but not. The laundry is finished and put away. The plants are watered. I still need to run out and get the mail. Doing that next.

Have done a little writing. Have tossed a little stuff. Have boxed up a little stuff. Have worked on the Relay site. Have done some thinking. It's dark already. The day has gone so quickly. I didn't go out at all. I thought I would, but I didn't.

We're supposed to get bad weather tonight. There is a storm warning. I wish we had Garden State but Keli loaned it out. Guess I'll do some more writing. That would be better for me anyway. I haven't finished blog walking yet, either. Or the Relay stuff. I'm having some problems with the dang color stuff. Aargh. Anyway, I've got lots keeping me busy. I still have scarves to get cracking on, too.

What are you doing for fun this weekend? Who blogs on the weekend? Guess I'll find out as I finish up the blog walk.

Playing in my head: Bedshaped by Keane

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