Fun with text messages... fun to ME anyway...

Well, the kiddo is on a flight to Colorado! I'm heading down to the treadmill because I just drank a tall Vanilla Latte after meeting Keith at Caribou in Chanhassen to handoff the week's worth of mail before heading home and dropping him back at his apartment.

Keli and I had a brief text-messaging exchange after she met up with her grandparents when they got off their plane from Atlanta. I had left her over an hour before in the airport so I wanted to make sure everything was okee-dokee... Oh, preface - She absolutely despises (I cannot stress this enough) DESPISES shortcut/shorthand words of any sort. So I like to throw them in just to torque her jaw. :) It's my job. I'm her mother.

Me: Did they ever find you?
Her: Yep.

Then my phone rang and her grandma called me to say they had connected and she knew it was Keli because she could smell the cough drops from down the hall. Kel really caught a nasty cold the other day and she sounds awful. I gave her some decongestant before I unloaded her at the airport, though. Hopefully that will help on the flight. Then after we hung up while I was waiting for Keith, I decided to text her one last time...

M: Have a great trip! I wuv u. U R 2 GOOD 2 B TRU!

Keith came out then and I drove him over to his apartment and dropped him off. Then it was the hour drive back home. When I was almost there, I noticed that I had messages. I pulled them up...

H: *innocent smile*

:) Gotta love that kid. She's gonna have me laughing off and on all weekend over that. Now I'm going to jump on the treadmill while I wait for the call that they arrived safe and sound in Colorado.

Tonight's run is for Elaine's son, Scott. He has esophagus cancer. I will never forget the fear that filled us when we waited for the results of Keith's biopsies a few years back when we thought he had this frightening diagnosis. The esophagus is lined with lymph nodes, so that is one difficult cancer to fight. It has also reached Scott's stomach, and I believe his liver. I'll be back to post the miles. It is a late-night one, so I'm afraid it won't be high-mileage...

Today's miles: 3
Total so far: 17
Still to go for goal: 483

Playing in my head: Everybody's Changing by Keane

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