For Vince...

Today I'm running for Busy Mom's friend Vince. I'll be back to post the miles in a bit.

It sucks that the list keeps getting longer because the people I hear about keeps getting bigger. I'd really like to see cancer wiped out within my lifetime, instead of seeing it wipe out so many more people that I know and love. I sure appreciate so many of you helping me with my goal of doing whatev38.62er I can do. Bloggers ROCK. (Including those who only read and don't keep a blog of their own!)

Today's miles: 3.2 (now must dash - lunching with HUTCH!)
Total so far: 461.38
Still to go for goal: 38.62

And one more thing before I hit the treadmill. The new coffee maker has arrived... And I lurve it! No more new-fangled carafe that won't pour decently. Just a normal glass carafe that sits on a heated base. In fact, a base that can be heated or not, you just flip the switch. And the water stays heated in the maker all the time so you can make coffee in three minutes because the water is already hot. It's awesome.

But since this one didn't have the fancy carafe, Keith thought it was necessary to get Keli and I this fancy airpot to keep the coffee hot since we don't drink it fast enough:

Good thing he got the airpot, too. The new coffee maker is taking a little getting used to. I went to get it ready for morning last night before I went to bed so I wouldn't have so much to do at the crack of blackness when I got up this morning. Well, it's a little strange in that once you put the water in and close it up, it basically starts because of the feature it has of keeping some water hot all the time. I could have left it open, but that would have cooled the water and defeated the purpose and it would have taken much longer to make the coffee this morning. So I went ahead and let it brew last night. While that happened, I filled the airpot with really hot water to heat it well.

When the coffee was finished brewing, I dumped the hot water and filled the airpot with the coffee and figured I would have to reheat the coffee in the morning, but it would be an interesting test. Granted, it wasn't piping hot, but it was definitely drinkable without having to reheat anything for the drive to school this morning! We were pleasantly surprised! It wouldn't have worked had we needed to add milk, so it's good I had made the coffee, rather than Keith *coughcanyousayblackcough*!

Okay. Enough delay. Off to the treadmills for Vince.

Playing in my head: Put the Lime in the Coconut (why oh why????) whatever the real official title is...

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