For Lois...

I ran yesterday for Lois. Mom met her in Florida during their recent trip. She is yet another breast cancer survivor. While we're on the subject. Head over to the Pink Ribbon site and give a click today to provide free mammograms to women in need, would you please? Let's bump up their numbers today. Thanks.

I've got parent/teacher conferences this evening. Last night was girls' night. It was a quiet one. Just me and Jena and my mom. Caitlin had homework, Erin had an art class and Keli has a horrible cold. So today I'm working again on the Hudson Relay website, working at pulling together stuff for the team meeting we're going to have next week, and giving some thought to what Kel needs/wants for her birthday, and trying to finish up the fundraising letters so I'll be able to get the stack of them into the mail this weekend. Tomorrow is Friday already! Unbelievable.

I get to write with Mystical all morning, then I have lunch and a meeting with a teammate, then I have a couple of hours to do Relay work before I pick up Keli from school, fly to Hudson for a massage (yes! I said massage!), then take Keli to the airport (she gets to go in an airplane with her lovely headcold. Lucky girl!) where she'll fly off to see her baby sister for the weekend. I'll head out to see Keith for a quick rendesvous to give him some paperwork and such because he won't be home for the weekend, and then I come back here for the rest of a quiet weekend all alone.

All alone. Nobody else. Not even a dog.

Yesterday's miles: 3.5
Total so far: 10.5
Still to go for goal: 489.5

Playing in my head: Soundtrack from Wicked but not just in my head. I can't take the silence today.

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