For Ivan...

Today's run was for Ivan Noble. He was a writer for the BBC and since being diagnosed in August of 2002 with a brain tumor, he shared his experiences in an online diary. How I missed this until now, I do not know. I have searched the net far and wide for people with brain tumors in a never-ending quest to seek out experiences like ours. Unfortunately, I did not learn about his diary until today. Ivan died yesterday.

I'll be going back and reading through it now. It looks quite incredible. Here's a link to his first entry if you're interested. I'll be putting up a link on the left column of my blog, too. I'll have him listed in the honor section of my inspirations and I'll also have his diary listed in the other links (other cool peeps) section, as well.

Today's miles: 4
Total so far: 458.18
Still to go for goal: 41.82

Playing in my head: New Slang by The Shins from The Garden State Soundtrack

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