For Cissie...

Today's run is in honor of Cissie who is currently fighting a battle with breast cancer down in Florida. Cissie is the mom of Keith's sister-in-law, Nancy, wife of his brother, Scott. She'll be getting the results back for scans that were done this past week. She has just learned of her cancer recently and it has come as a shock to the family as it does to all families.

Sending strength and healing vibes to Cissie in her fight. Adding her to the inspiration list...

Today's miles: 4.1
Total so far: 21.1
Still to go for goal: 478.9

And I add more names to the list today, too! I'm adding Jack to the list. Jack is the Grandfather to Adam and Brandon, two good friends of Keli's. Jack is in the hospital now for treatment for his cancer of which I know no details, but I add him to the Honor list and will run for him in the near future.

I'm also adding Bea to the list. Bea is Mother-in-law to Robert and is a breast cancer survivor, so she is also going on the honor list. I'll be running for her in the near future, as well! And Robert? Thank you again for your donation to the Relay For Life!

Now I have things to accomplish around here. But I'll be back.

Playing in my head: Can't Stop Now by Keane

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