The first run of the new session...

Running today for Ardele because they just found out about her cancer and because that was a heck of a way for daughter Barbara to have to spend her 34th birthday.

Today's miles: 4.0
Total so far: 4.0
Still to go for goal: 496

And I added another couple of names to the list this weekend, besides those listed in yesterday's post. I added Leona, who was a friend of Cat's and lost the battle against breast cancer last year. I also added Ardele, Mother of Barbara, who is fighting the battle right now. I see she has set up a Caring Bridge page for Ardele, too. Once I get the page from her for that (if she wants to let me know) I'll link it here with her name so we can keep track of her progress. Also, those of you who are using my list for your prayer chains can check in on her once in a while and send her a message of encouragement. I think Caring Bridge websites rock.

And yes, yesterday wasTom Petty. The lyrics were from his Wildflower CD.

Playing in my head: soundtrack from Meet Joe Black (yes, I watched it AGAIN while I ran...

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