Didya miss me?

Time to move on. Time to get goin'. What lies ahead I have no way of knowin'...

Who can tell me what that's from? I still have prizes to get out from my last couple of contests. This one isn't a prize-bearing contest. Just a pat on the back for a little obscure quote from something we really like around here.

(and that was a hint for those of you who know something about us)

Okay. It's been a busy week in Kinnic-land. First we lost the baby-dog (Jen
I can't thank you enough for your kindnesses). A little blog-it-forward to a woman with a heart of gold. Go give some lovin' to one of the most beautiful bloggers I've ever met, please. Visit Jenorama. Now. Don't pass Go. And when you are done visiting her, come back here and read on because I have more to say.

I'm starting again. Yes, I finished the 500 mile return. But. I cannot stop there. Because the minute I stopped, the names began to pour in. It seems that cancer is an insidious beast. What? You already knew that? Yeah. So did I. This is what I learned this week...

My mom met a new friend on her trip to Florida. Her name is Lois. I need to add her to the list because she is a fighter of breast cancer. Keith's brother Scott? His mother-in-law, Cissie, just found out that she has breast cancer. My mom's classmate, Elaine, who died of cancer not long ago, has a son Scott. I just learned at the RFL meeting on Thursday night that he has esophagus and stomach cancer. And right here, on this blog in my comments, Joy asked if I was still taking running requests. You bet, Joy. Consider Jan, who is also battling breast cancer, added to the list.

So you see, I cannot possibly stay home, now that I am here. I am taking off again today. I like the whole 500-mile theme (besides, I've got the whole email address and blogspot address and everything...) and so, 500-miles it is.

I'll be back to post the mileage. And hopefully, a whole new template. A hate looking for new templates. And trying to get them funked in with all the extras in my blog. It can be very frustrating. But I love it when I've got the change made. I get bored easily.

Oh, and one more bit of news, brought to me yesterday by Miss Marvelous Marge, my dear writing partner.

It's that time again! Oh yes, boys and girls. Get out those peeps you've been saving up all year long and put your thinking caps on because it's time for the second annual Peeps Diorama contest!

I hope some of you enter and I wish you luck!

If that link to the contest doesn't work for you (because of needing to be registered or something) let me know and I'll just give the details.

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