Bits and Pieces of my mind...

Jen said: "Wow, my eyes have been opened to how closely cancer affects us all."

Almost makes you want to stop smokin' or something. ;-) If that sounds nasty, it wasn't meant to. I mean it with love. Cuz I hate to see you shortening your life every time you have one.

Wish my niece would call me back so we could plan a little girls' night.

There are some big fat snowflakes falling out there right now. *sigh* I'm so ready for winter to be over. Yeah. That's right. You heard me. And it's only February 9. I know.

I need to get some socks on. My feet are all blue and cold and shite. And I'm at home. Imagine that.

I should be organizing and cleaning in this room that I have all torn apart. But if I sit with my back turned just so, I can't even see the mess that is my office. I only see the desk that is totally cleared off (let's not talk about the fact that I mostly just shifted it to other parts of the room, okay?).

Oh! There's the phone. Guess that cleaning will have to wait. I have a date. Don't know what we're doing now, but it's more important. Life is what happens when we're busy worrying about how messy our house is. I've got some terrifically fun girls ready to go have some fun with me now and they are growing up right in front of my eyeballs. I'm going to enjoy them while I've got them around me. The house can wait. It'll still be here when I get back.

I owe Hutch a big thank you for kick-starting the Big 500-Mile Finish by Valentine's Day! In her honor, I give you this wonderful photo of the two of us in our matching bowling sweaters from the other day when we had lunch. :) It makes me smile.

Playing in my head: scattered thoughts, as you can see

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