And the List Gets Longer...

My buddy Hutch adds two names to the list tonight... Chris T and Linda E both work at the library down where she is and both have breast cancer. They're on the list and I'll run for each of them soon. And those caramel candy bars? They'll be in the mail by the weekend. Or else I'll have to drive them down. And I don't think you want me in the car for over an hour with your caramel candy bars. Nope. Not a good idea.

I didn't get my run in today. Already I've missed a day. Not the way to get this thing off to a strong start. But it was a busy day! I had a dentist appointment at the greatest dental office in the universe. I love my dentist. Really. And how many people can say that? I saw my hero while I was there - that would be my hygenist, B. She's my hero because she is the caregiver extraordinaire. Her husband is going on two years now with his cancer battle. It has been a fight, too. That would be Bernie over there on my list. They're some strong people, B&B...

After the dentist I got to go to lunch with Marge (that's MYSTICAL Marge to you! ;) heh). We went to Baker's Square and skipped the pie. We skipped the pie because she said her mommy had baked her a chocolate chiffon cake for her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGE!!!!!!) and said we should come over and have a piece if we wanted to after lunch. So we headed that direction.

The first thing we noticed was that her mom must have just left. Her garage door was open and the light was still on in the garage door opener. So we went up to Marge's place to see her beautiful Golden, Katie... Katie has the most incredible smile you could ever imagine. I'm serious. Her dog smiles. It's the weirdest/goofiest/most beautiful thing ever. She's just silly, that dog. And we saw the kitties, too. And we took off our coats and headed down the stairs, listening to her mommy's dog, Gracie, pacing at the bottom of the steps, waiting for us to open the door and say hello.

After a couple of minutes visiting with Gracie, we wandered around looking at Marge's Mom's because I hadn't seen the place since before she moved in and things had changed a lot. Then Marge headed toward the kitchen to check out the cake and see if her mom left any clues as to where she had gone. And then...

"Gracie! What did you DO!" Must have been something bad from the tone of Marge's voice. I walked around the corner to get a look and noticed that half of the cake was gone. I could smell it, though. It smelled so good. And I knew that Gracie was going to be in such bad trouble. She was sent straight outside. And do you know where Marge's mommy had gone?

She had driven to the store a few minutes away to get candles. For the cake. Because she only had a few.

And oooooh, she was mad.

We didn't have cake.

MM: Well, I guess that explains what happened to that missing loaf of bread.
Marge: Yeah. I guess it does.

I laughed a lot. And I told Marge to go get her camera because that cake really needed its picture taken.

Today's miles: 0
Total so far: 7
Still to go for goal: 493

Playing in my head: 867-5309 Jenny by ??? is it J Geils band??? I can never remember and I'm too lazy to look it up.

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