Post Wednesday. I missed posting yesterday. Had a busy day. Did a bit of running around, plus it was girls' day and spent it with more than just the girls because my brother joined us and my dad helped out, so it was a family day, I guess you could say. No photos to share from it, I'm afraid. We worked at getting Relay packets ready for the meeting tonight. I had to pull some things that were inadvertently stuffed.

Was up rather late last night working on the Relay website. Kicked some butt on the website, actually. Got a lot of things accomplished on it after learning a lot about it from one of the other website coordinators from another town (thank you, Chris!). Well, actually, from MY town - the one I live in. I just happen to be working on the Relay from the old home town - where I grew up.

There are deer wandering through our woods right now - a whole herd. Good Dog I love deer. They are so beautiful. I don't know how they manage to stay warm enough in this cold, though. It is currently 1 degree and dropping quickly by a few degrees per hour. By the weekend we aren't supposed to get above zero. And the windchills are supposed to be well below that. We don't have a decent base of snow on the ground and while I know this is far TMI for most of you, yes, that means another winter with a freezing septic system is well within our potential. That will mean three years in a row. Time to move? And I'm talking away from the frozen wasteland that is the north.

Yesterday's run was for Jen's friend David. I'm also adding him to my list of inspirations for his current battle with cancer in the stomach and liver. Add him to your thoughts/prayers please.

Yesterday's miles: 4.2
Total so far: 394.95
Still to go for goal: 105.05

Today's run was for her friend Claire. You'll find her name in the inspiration list as well. She battled breast cancer and all signs are that she has beaten the beast through surgery and chemo.

Today's miles: 4.0
Total so far: 398.95
Still to go for goal: 101.05

Well, I have a busy evening still to come. I know there were scarf photos promised, but I know that those who wanted scarves already bought them, so nobody is out here holding their breath. They'll be coming.

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