Tuesday's notes...

Well, several things accomplished today. Fundraising phone call done over lunch. Bank run done after that. Looked at some yarn to see if I could find the really cool and funky stuff used on the beautiful scarf I saw at the party this weekend. I found at least one of them.

Heard from Hutch today and received a pledge of a donation from her if I get back from Nowhere by Valentine's Day. With only 34 days to go until then, I need to average 3.25 miles per day to complete the task. A bit more than the 20 miles a week I was aiming for, but certainly not out of reach. Thanks for the pledge, old friend! And the push!

And yesterday, I agreed to this ridiculousness! What was I thinking? It is still winter in Wisconsin that early in March! Ah well. We'll have fun, won't we, Kathy?

Tomorrow is Girls' Day! Last week we went to a movie. This week we're working on Relay stuff and who knows what else? I think we may need to plan a meeting for our team. And discuss fund raisers. We have the hot dog stand reserved again!

I didn't get any photos of the scarves today and I want to do that when the sun is up. I should photograph the ones Mom has left, too. I'll do that tomorrow.

I've got to get to bed and still need to get an e-mail out. I haven't even had time to surf around and visit my blog friends today. Or read! Kim, are things starting to happen for your Relay yet? Will You Gotta Have Faith be getting it's team together again this year?

Today's miles: 4.2
Total so far: 390.75
Still to go for goal: 109.25

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