tuesday is chooseday

either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

    Would you rather:

  1. work at a company that regularly tests hair care products on animals OR regularly buries toxic waste illegally?
  2. It would have to be the toxic waste, but I wouldn't last long. Neither will the earth, obviously.

  3. for an entire month, eat everything through a straw OR deep fried?
  4. I go for the deep fried one day at the state fair in Minnesota. Okay, maybe two days if someone convinces me I need to be there more than once. It's all deep fried for those two days... cheese curds, egg rolls and anything else you can put on a stick. And that's as much as I can take. I would never survive for a month. I could do a month with a straw, though! I've seen a person do it. A woman I worked with had to have her jaw wired shut. Rather, she chose to have her jaw wired shut when she had some reconstructive surgery. And that was for a month at least. She lost a lot of weight.

  5. invent the next popular kids toy OR sex toy?
  6. kids' toy. Totally. I'm all over that. Keith and I always buy at least one cool thing for Christmas like a hover craft or a race car or an airplane that really flies... we love playing with kids' toys. The hover craft didn't last very long because it was styrofoam. Come to think of it, neither did the airplane for the very same reason. The race car is doing better so far.

  7. find out your neighbor is a spy for an enemy nation OR a black ops assassin for your government?
  8. I cannot answer this question because I may implicate myself...

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