Speaking of Telly Savalas hair...

For Jen who was wondering...

Keli had heard about Locks of Love, and decided that she wanted to cut it all off to donate to them and shave herself bald (which is further by far than is needed when donating to this wonderful organization - such a drastic step is not a requirement!). She asked our permission, which we gave, because we couldn't think of a real good reason why she shouldn't be allowed to and it wasn't a dangerous step of independence and individuality. Then she gave it a few weeks of thought and one Sunday night as part of our Family Night activity, we cut it all off and then shaved it.

Keli before... Posted by Hello

Keli after... Posted by Hello

Keli was/is painfully shy. But she has always been willing to be who she is. Whereas I've always been painfully shy and totally scared to be me and worried about what everyone else thinks of me.

So she has always been my hero. :)

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