Saturday Catchup...

Looks like I'll be headed back to the Blogger Forum again at some point this weekend looking for tips. It seems that there are some who are unable to comment here. Or even get to the comments. Or they can get there once but not back to them again after that unless they get all of the way out of the internet and then back in. Or they can get to them once and then never again it would seem. Crazy stuff. So I'm going out to see if anyone out at the forum has any ideas. They can see the link to my comments and when they mouse over it, the mouse changes like there is a link there, but when they click on it nothing happens. Or if in one case, they do a right click and select "open in another window" they get an error message when it tries to open.

But before I do that, I have a ton of other stuff to take care of. Grocery shopping and putting food in the crock pot so we'll have a decent dinner. Getting moving on a project here at the house that I'm busy with... Life beyond the computer. I do actually have one sometimes. It surprises me a bit. :)

Forward. (Did you know that's Wisconsin's motto? I didn't. Well, I did. I mean, what child going through the school district in this state doesn't? But I actually thought it was Onward for a minute there. Then I looked it up before I published. Heh. Dumba$$.)

Today's miles: 3.26
Total so far: 454.18
Still to go for goal: 45.82

Playing in my head: Lovely Ladies from Les Mis...

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