On Ducks and Spurs and Screams in the Night...

Today's miles: 2.1
Total so far: 450.92 Oh Yeah!
Still to go for goal: 49.08

Kel and I watched The Forgotten tonight. I screamed out loud twice, I think. I didn't keep track for her. She wasn't amused. She really doesn't like those movies. But she stayed there until the end. I didn't make her watch it. (Of course, that could have something to do with hottie Dominic West.) I even covered my head with a blanket and closed my eyes during one of my own screams. How wimpy could I be??? I've obviously been away from my old habits of late-night fright books and movies for too long!

Heading out to write with Ms. Marge in the morning. And sending Ms. Jen some candy bars to benefit Relay For Life. That's right, I'm in the candy biz now. You know you all want some.

But now? I'm heading down to the wall to watch the alternative ending to The Forgotten. I hope I don't scream. I don't want to keep Keli awake.

Playing in my head: Jingle Jangle Jingle (Thanks, Kathy. Thanks a lot!)

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