Monday's Weekend Recap...

Warning: Do not take four Midol Complete in the evening (spread out over the course of a few hours), even if you think they are potentially helping your migraine dissipate because of the acetaminophen they contain when you cannot find the extra strength tylenol. They also contain caffeine and additional stimulant and diuretic and will potentially keep you awake, even though they say that use of the product may make you drowsy.

I was awake all night last night. Between having to go to the bathroom and having to take the dog out (I didn't give him any, I swear - but he insisted on going outside three times - the third time, which took place at 5 am, he walked out into the frigid Wisconsin air, stretched like a cat, turned around and came back inside), the remainder of the evening was spent tossing and turning with my eyes wide open staring at the ceiling wondering why I could not even approach a sleep state.

At 6 the alarm went off so I made sure Keli got up to get ready for school. At that time, I fell fast asleep. She woke me up at 6:45 to get her to school. I came home and went straight back to bed. Well, after I fed and medicated the dog. I slept off and on until 2:15, waking only when the dog told me it was time to get up and feed him or let him outside again.

I don't think I'll make that mistake again. I have tylenol on my shopping list. The good news is, the two day migraine is actually gone now. It wasn't until after the sleep today, though. It wasn't actually the Midol that did it. So Robert, don't go out and buy any. Trust me on this one. ;-)

I finished reading Wicked yesterday. I found myself rushing through it and now I mourn the characters and story as I always do when I've hurried through a book and come to the end without savouring it. Now I'm working on Reading Lolita in Tehran and am limiting myself to a certain amount per day so I can also get other things done.

As for the Packer/Viking game? Brett had a bad day. My Mom forgot to wear her Packer shirt. I didn't place a bet. Do they have to beat them EVERY time they face them in one season??? Isn't two out of three good enough? We are cheddar heads. All is forgiven.

Going to attempt to get to bed now and see if I can get my body back on a normal schedule. Oh but first...

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a scarf from me for Relay For Life! So far I have been able to put aside $450 to donate just from the sale of the scarves! I'm going to get the money transferred later this week or early next so I can send ACS a money order and get it all square on my online site so it shows up there. If anyone else is still interested, let me know! I still have some available, which I'm going to take a photo of tomorrow so I can get it posted - I'll do a whole scarf post at that time... And I'm going to stop at a new store later this week, too. I saw the most gorgeous scarf at a party this weekend and the yarn was purchased right here in my little home town. If I can duplicate it, I'd like to make one and maybe take bids on it...

Today's miles: 4.0
Total so far: 386.55
Still to go for goal: 113.45

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