In Answer to Dana's Question...

Dana asked me a question the other day.

I wrote this really long e-mail in response, but in case anyone else was wondering about the answer to her question (because I know some of you were on the edge of your seats...)

My folks keep their house on the cooler, more economical side all winter... saving on the heating bill don'tcha know... And I can be frequently found going sockless. *checks feet* Yep. No socks at the moment. I have wooden floors in 85% of my house. I go shoeless and if I wear socks, I'm slipping and sliding all the time. So when I go places (always in a rush), I slide into my shoes (boots in the winter), usually sans socks.

This means I arrive at my folks' house, drop the shoes at the door and am always from that point on, barefoot. Well, you can imagine how this drives said mother nuts in the winter. "WHO goes BAREFOOT in the winter in Wisconsin?" *raises hand* But before too long, my feet are blue (slight exaggeration) and mother dashes off to her room for a pair of socks, which I inevitably wear home and never return. (yes, I am a sock thief).

So for every gift-giving occasion, I receive socks. My husband receives socks. My child receives socks. My siblings receive socks. My nieces and nephews receive socks. They aren't ALL sock thieves, but some of them are.

On the occasion of my last birthday (in photos) I DID receive socks, of course. I must laugh to think of them, though. After everyone left the room but Dad and I, I lifted the socks to my foot to check them out... kind of oatmeal in color, typical for her to choose because they will "go with everything." But I have pretty small feet (as I'm sure do you my petite young friend), and socks are always too big, so I was checking to see how much too big these socks were.

I sort of gasped at their too-bigness and mouthed the word "Wow." I looked for a size and when I found it, I set them back in the gift bag and put the bag with the rest of my stuff and left the room. Later, mom came by with my socks in hand and said, "Where on earth do you suppose I found Big and Tall Woman socks?"

So in answer to your question, I did get socks for my birthday, Dana. But I didn't get to keep them! :-)

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