Can someone please tell me something? Long long ago, there was a photo in my blog that had a name on it that apparently creepy people find when looking for things they like to look at. I know because when I went to my stats, that photo would show up in the search engines on a fairly regular basis and it was just about the only thing from my archives that did. SO, I changed the name of the photo and the link to it in the archive so that it wouldn't be popping up in their searches anymore.

BUT, because of the wonderful world of historical backups or whatever, it still shows up, even though it really doesn't have that name anymore. The searcher doesn't actually get to it anymore - there is just a hit from google or yahoo or whatever, but I'd like to get rid of that hit, if at all possible. Is there a way to clean that out somehow? Can anybody tell me that? Who knows what I am babbling about and who knows the answer to the question?

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