Girls' Night and a New Template...

I'm close to the end and it's practically a clone of the old one anyway, and I've been having so much trouble trying to get it to work (I've been trying for the past three weeks or so). Since I finally got some fabulous help from someone (thanks to redryder52) out at the Blogger Forum to get it all squared away (crossing fingers that it will actually work when I go to publish this post), I thought I'd better get it on here before my luck runs out. Besides, it took me so long to get moving again, I deserved a reward for it. :)

One further note on this template - it looks far better on firefox than it does on Internet Explorer... I'm just sayin'.

Tonight is girls' night so we're heading to my folks' house for tacos and a movie after I get Keli picked up from philosophy club. First I'll be taking the car in for an oil change and going to the post office to mail out Jen's scarf and drop a david m. bailey cd in the mail for Pat.

But first! A photo of Jen's scarf. Glad I remembered to do this before I sealed up the box. I hate when I make something unique and then don't get a photo.

So here it is... Jen's scarf (I hope she likes it):

Now I've gotta bug out because I've got a lot to do before we get started on our evening. Please send some good, healthy thoughts of FIBER to my pooch will ya? And that's all ya need to know! :-)

Today's miles: 4.18
Total so far: 420.79
Still to go for goal: 79.21

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