Friday Flakes!

It snowed today in Wisconsin. Boy did it snow! I've been complaining of a lack of the white stuff. Don't think I'll be complaining any more this winter. It is white now. Don't know what the official fall is here so far, but it is still coming down. And I bet when the sun comes up tomorrow it will truly look like a winter wonderland. Can't wait to get some pictures. May have to get the snowshoes out and take the camera out for some shots of the pines. Or just stay inside all day and look out the windows. Yeah. That sounds pretty good.

Wrote lots of words today at the old post office with Marge. It was loverly. Then I dashed home to the pooch. Then I picked up the kiddo at school and stopped at the post office and then the movie place for some rentals in case we are stranded inside all weekend from the blizzard.

Thank you all so much for the kind words for my birthday yesterday! And the flower mystery was solved. Both of the bunches that came in the evening were from my Gray Street pal - the pink tulips AND the huge bunch of spring flowers.

Kel and I just finished watching Identity. She was not entertained. At. All. I won't pull that stunt again. I just figured with handsome Mr. Cusack in it, she'd put up with a thriller. I was wrong. I'm in trouble. She doesn't like thrillers. And for the record? I'm just not an Amanda Peet fan. Still. And Rebecca De Mornay was unrecognizable to me. How many of you who have seen this film knew her? She was certainly not her Risky Business self! Okay, so some of us have changed in the past 22 years, but still... I'm agog...

Heading down to watch another movie with her to help get her mind of of that one. Hope you are all enjoying your Friday evening!

Today's miles: 4.09
Total so far: 428.88
Still to go for goal: 71.12

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