For Pat...

First of all, thank you for all of the commenters on yesterday's de-lurking post! If anymore of you want to add to that, I'm happy to up the contribution to the Tsunami Relief fund - the more the better, so go comment! Obviously, unless I get more comments, I'll have to up it from the dollar per of the original post!

I learned today that the husband of a friend of ours needs to be added to the BT Warrior listing. He had surgery early last month to have a brain tumor removed from his left frontal lobe. They've had a lot to deal with for a long time. Now this. So today, I'm running for Pat. Here I go. This one's for you, Pat.

Pat is the caregiver, the wife of said BT Warrior, Lonnie. I'm starting out giving the miles to her because I think she could use the extra strength and love and vibes and prayers. Have you got a prayer list? Or perhaps just a "good thoughts" list? If you do, put her name on it for me, would you please? Thanks. And add another BT Warrior to that list while you're at it. Because Lonnie just started radiation this week and has a long road ahead. Thanks.

Today's miles: 4.25
Total so far: 378.55
Still to go for goal: 121.45

Finished watching the extended edition of The Two Towers on today's run. And began The Return of the King. *sigh* They should come out with extended editions of all of my favorite movies for DVD now. I'd appreciate that.

Need to go shower and get on with other things. Much to do involving Relay website stuff, Relay packet stuff and Relay team stuff, and then there is writing, reading, picking up Keli, and other daily stuff I want to do and all of this takes place after I shower. No time for blog surfing today. :( Must get started earlier in the day. Must ask some people what time they get up in the morning so they accomplish so much. And I think more importantly, must drink more coffee. :)

Yesterday's Miles: 4.0
Total So Far: 374.3
Still To Go: 125.7

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