Coffee Woes...

And now for my tale of woe about coffee makers.

World's Best Cup of Coffee maker... Posted by Hello

This coffee maker makes the "World's Best Cup of Coffee." No, it doesn't claim that anywhere that I've seen or read. It just does. Okay? Trust me. I've had it. This coffee maker was delivered to my door last Thursday. That day sound familiar? It arrived there at the same time as this. Yep. Same time. Oh.Happy.Day! Because of how crazy things were with having to cut off the stems, soak them to perk them back up because they didn't look very happy, get them into a vase (or two) and get ready to pick up the kid for a movie, (am I confusing my days? Perhaps.) there wasn't time to make the world's best cup of coffee at that time, but that evening, when we got home, I did indeed make the world's best cup of coffee after getting the next delivery van unstuck from our driveway.

When the coffee was finished, we (Keli and I) got our cups out of the cabinet and looked at the carafe - highfangled and new-aged and all that. The magical carafe... Posted by Hello

We knew that we were to keep the carafe off the coffee maker from that point on because it stays hotter off the maker than on. This maker doesn't continue to cook the coffee on a hot-plate type of setup. Instead, the coffee is in a stainless steel carafe with a lid that if you leave it on the maker, will only stay open partially and allow the coffee to cool faster. So you can take the coffee anywhere around the house with you while you wander around to start your day. But you wouldn't want to. Because pouring from the carafe is a beast. You want to stay close to the kitchen. And the sink. And a sponge. Because you'll inevitably have to clean up after yourself every time you pour yourself a cup. That's what the last photo is showing you. After I've poured myself a cup today. Very carefully. Dribbles all around the cup on my counter.

That's why we're giving it up (Silent Auction time - somebody might like it and might be able to figure out how to pour without dumping! There really are people who rate the thing highly; they must not have problems pouring) and have another on its way to the house already. *sigh* We've been swearing and cursing at this one for the past four days.

When Keith came home this weekend I immediately brewed him a pot of the World's Best Coffee. Keli came running and whispered, "Make him pour his own cup..." which I was planning on doing, of course. We wanted him to have the whole experience. He's not the swearing and cursing type. So he didn't do that. First he asked how to pour it because it isn't obvious. He started to open the lid and I told him that while there were no instructions telling you what to do, I didn't think you were supposed to unscrew the lid for pouring, but depress the top instead. He did and began to pour, dumping coffee pretty much everywhere on the counter. You cannot pour from this carafe without spilling is my deduction. There is no spout and the way the lip of the carafe is built, it disperses the coffee all across it so that no cup is big enough to catch it all as it pours. I've never seen anything so ridiculous in my life.

I realize it is very hard to see the drips to the left of the cup, but there is a small puddle there and when I lifted the cup, a whole ring of a puddle underneath. Silly setup. We have tried every conceivable way to pour... with lid, without lid, depressing lid, unscrewing lid partially. Trust me. It always disperses coffee across the entire lip of carafe and dumps it around the cup. And causes cursing, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Dogdamn thing. Posted by Hello

I'll just be glad when the new one arrives and I can stop cursing at this one. I'm so sick of wiping up coffee and making sure the outside of my cup is clean and dry every time I pour another mug!

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