A Book Meme...

Stolen from Shelly's Book Shelf.

Copy this list of ten authors, then replace any authors not in your bookcases with authors who are. Replacements in bold.
1. Jane Austen
2. Isaac Asimov
3. Arthur C. Clarke
4. John Steinbeck
5. Ian Flemming
6. Annie Proulx
7. Charles Dickens
8. Albert Camus
9. George Eliot
10. William Shakespeare

From her list, I had to swap out half of what she had to something that I had. I tried to stay with the spirit of the thing and choose authors whose (as she put it in her own blog) books are considered classics in their own genre. I don't know if I succeeded... It was a tough job because we have such a huge selection of books! (but I'd have never had the five I did without Keith's great library added in with my own - he really has a great number of classics. I need to read more of them.)

For future reference - another book meme.

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