And the Party is Oooooover.....

A photo journal of some of my birthday so far...

A few more photos of the birthday flowers to capture them forever. Posted by Hello

Keli took these photos for an artist friend of mine to use in her paintings. Posted by Hello

Pink have always been my favorite. I'm really liking those variegated ones mixed with them now, though! Posted by Hello

Aren't they gorgeous? I use them for my desktop on my computer now. I'd like to utilize them in my blog template somehow. *sigh* If only I were that talented... Posted by Hello

I got snow on my birthday. And lots of it. Neighbor Don hadn't plowed yet, so the flower delivery gal got stuck. Right about where you see the terra cotta bird feeder? The front of her van sat because she didn't quite make it up the hill. Then she tried backing down and turned her wheels so she started dropping off into the woods. Poor dear. She was quite embarrassed. Posted by Hello

The view out the front. A veritable winter wonderland. I think winter is here to stay. At least until spring. :) Posted by Hello

Here are my K*E*R*I gifts! Can you tell what they are? I was right on the Kiss for "K", but he fooled me by putting two in the box so they were heavy and rattled around... "E" is for earrings, and could have also been used for Ice, (see it sparkle???) but then he came up with the iPod ~ 40 gig (yeah, I'm spoiled. That's right. You heard me.)... "R" is for Rainbow maker which is at this moment, hanging in my sunporch on a very sunny morning, making a kabillion rainbows which are spilling all over the place. Beautiful! Posted by Hello

I think someone had a little too much birthday cake and kisses... Posted by Hello

Don't these nasty-looking rubber teeth make you want to hork? The taste of them made me want to!

Sorry for the slow load with all the photos... Found birthday greetings of myself in the old hometown newspaper over the weekend, too. Myself in a Halloween costume from when I was a young teen. Another upcoming celebration this Tuesday night with my nieces...

Today's miles: 4.09
Total so far: 441.24
Still to go for goal: 58.76

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