Whatta Week!

It's been a busy one! First I had to finish my novel before the beginning of December. And I did! I finished up early in the afternoon on the 30th. I love the month of November. NaNo is FUN. Don't let anybody tell you any differently if you've never done it. If you are thinking some day that you'd like to try it, by all means DO IT! This is my second year and I enjoyed it this year even more than last year. I think that's because I did most of my writing at home late at night last year. This year I left home and did it in my favorite coffee shop for the most part. It was a blast. And I'm going to keep up the habit as much as possible.

As soon as I got the word requirement finished for NaNo, I had to start back in on the scarves because of the Holiday Boutique that took place on Wednesday and Thursday. You know what? Some people just do not appreciate the quality of homemade products. WallyWorld has ruined the Arts and Crafts world. You can go there and get a cheap scarf for $7.99 so why go to a Holiday Boutique and pay $35 for one? Especially when Jane Doe has over at her table for $15, even if hers are scrawny and scratchy? Aunt Bea isn't going to know the difference since she never saw these thick, warm, plush, gorgeous ones over here! LOL. And I don't care if the proceeds (aside from supplies) are going to Relay For Life and Jane Doe's money is all going to line her pocket. Makes no difference to me. I don't care where the money goes.

Okay. It was a little frustrating for the work that was done. That's all I'm saying. But I might be doing another one next Saturday. :) I have more stuff to sell! And I'll be better prepared with my new business cards and with a sign telling people about the proceeds going to Relay and knowing about Jane Doe in advance and with more of my Christmas Stocking examples out there and with some mittens done, too. Maybe.

And the dog was sick again. He added to the hecticness of the week. Just a little bit. And then there was the kid. Who just has a busy social schedule in general. And there was a big Relay For Life Kickoff Meeting followed by a Committee meeting. I got a little busier there, too. But that's a good busy. I like Relay.

And Keith had his appointment on Monday. Which I didn't even make it to. With the dog getting sick again, which we began to suspect over the weekend, I took Keith to the hotel on Sunday night so he could be right by the hospital for his MRI on Monday morning. We had dinner together and then I dashed back home. He was going to go for the MRI and call me when he got there and asked what time the follow-up to get the results was going to be. Then I was going to drive out there and meet him for that follow-up. He called at 7:45. We thought the follow-up was scheduled for 3 pm. He said, "The follow-up is scheduled for 8:30." So there was no chance I was going to make that. I told him to call me when it was over and let me know. And I wished him luck. Then I went back to bed! Shhh. Don't tell him I did that. Can you imagine I was that relaxed?

He called at 10:30 when I was getting ready and asked where I was. I should have been over there by then really. I think that's what he was thinking, too. His appointment had gone well. There are no signs of growth from the residual tumor and no signs of further enhancement. Another good checkup for the year. I told him I was on my way. Thanks to everyone for their good thoughts and prayers!

Now it's time to get back to real life and figuring out how to do that after NaNo. I need to figure out how to do that in addition to Relay Committee responsibilities. Will somebody remind me how to do things like work plus have a real life? Because multi-tasking just isn't me. I'm single-threaded now. But life is good.

I'll figure it out. Somehow.

In other news, cool things I learned today. Michael Billet has a website. Go check it out and you'll be reminded who he is because I've told you before. Unless you have only recently come to meet me. In which case you'll just be meeting Michael. If you need some cool music for someone on your Christmas gift list, check out his Silent Victory C.D. It has some great stuff on it. I haven't heard Citizen in the Land of Dreams yet, but I would bet it's pretty great, too. We heard Michael live last May at the david m. bailey concert (another awesome musician by the way and highly recommended for the holidays - and a brain tumor warrior to boot!) and loved his music.

I also learned today that the American Brain Tumor Association now has Brain Tumor Wristbands! I think that's totally cool. I've ordered them for the members of the Brain Trust (our Relay for Life team) and some extras. I saw recently that you can now get pink ones for breast cancer support. I'm sure everyone has seen the yellow Lance Armstrong ones that support his cancer foundation. These are gray - for the gray matter of the brain, of course.

Okay. Enough already for one post. Need to update a few things on the template and will put it to bed for the night. Hope to update regularly after this and regain my three loyal readers. I have missed you.

Soon to bring back What Was Keri Watching, Question for Hutch and updated MILEAGE!

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