Hot tubs are wonderful things.

Very busy day today. Keli had her first behind the wheel scheduled for 3:30 this afternoon. She has had such a busy schedule that she hasn't been practicing much lately. So we headed to the old hometown to use Grandma's car for practice for a little while. (Read: 3 hours) She was a little more confident by the time we finished that. I dropped her off at the high school for her session with Chris the Driving Instructor and realized I'd already been gone from our house forever today.

From there I headed to the co-op to get a few things Keith had on his list which were needed for his apartment. Afterwards, it was off to the Ben Franklin/Hallmark to look at their Christmas in the City buildings. We have a small collection and I wanted to kill time there seeing what we needed this year. We usually add two things because if you buy one retired item, you get a second retired item of equal or lesser value at half price. Mom wants to get one for us this year. (I took care of that for you, Mom. I'll bring it up to your place tomorrow! :D ) This is one of them. And here is the other. As soon as it retires? I'm getting this one. I think it is beautiful.

Hutch, thanks for letting me know about the Tug McGraw brain tumor bracelet. I hadn't heard anything about it, or about his foundation. I'm adding a link to the blog about it when I get done with the post and we'll be looking into the bracelets or the "Ya gotta believe" patches. They're a little more complex seeing as how you have to tie them on instead of slipping them on and off, so... but I do like that attitude and the cause.

After the shopping I dashed back over to the school because I didn't know exactly when Kel would be done with Chris the Driving Instructor. I got to sit there in my cold car for another hour, but I did have some crochet to do. I got an order for a couple of scarves and was able to almost finish one of them while I waited. Once she got back, we filled the tank with gas, picked up the boyfriend and headed home.

And here I am. I made us some dinner, they're watching a movie and I hope to catch up with one or two of you before I go play around with the other scarf for a few minutes before bed. Oh. That's right. No bed for me until I return the boyfriend to his house.

Happiness is a new CD. Keith bought us The Colors of Christmas on CD. It has become an annual tradition that we attend Peabo Bryson's concert in the cities. We missed it last year because he changed venues. :( We went to A Christmas Carol at The Guthrie instead, which was fabulous. We didn't go this year, either because of a bit of miscommunication. NEXT year for sure. But Keith bought the new CD they put out (at least I think it's new), so we get to hear the classic songs that we love hearing every year anyway (Peabo and Roberta Flack singing The Gift, This Christmas which we usually hear Peabo sing live, but James Ingram does it on the CD and we did get to hear him do it a few years ago and loved).

Okay. Heading out. G'night!

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