Reason to Relay...

Yesterday's miles: 4.7
Total so far: 362.3
Still to go for goal: 137.7

Such a long way to go! If I did 20 miles a week (a very respectable number considering what I've BEEN doing lately), it would still take me about 7 weeks to complete. *sigh* That's almost two months.

I didn't send out any letters asking for donations for this run. I'm not a great fund-raiser. I'm selling a few scarves. I've got the button on the web page. Some of the people who donated last year know that I'm still running. I'll definitely make another 500 miles. I just didn't feel comfortable sending out those letters again because I didn't know if all of my friends and family thought it was a one-time shot when they so generously donated last year, you know? What will they think when they get another letter this year? And now, I'm practically finished with the run. I can't hardly send the letters now!

So. The team had better hope we sell a lot of hot dogs this summer. And that the chocolate bars sell well. Mom and I did okay with the scarves. But it was nothing like the run. That was crazy. Maybe I can send out the letters again next year. Because I plan to keep running. So I may as well keep asking people to help with the fund raising. It isn't for me after all. Why should I be shy about asking for help for the ACS?

So today I ran for them. I ran for all of them. See that list? That whole list on the right? There are far too many names on that list. When I started this, it was really small. It was Keith, my husband, who had a brain tumor back in 2001 that was removed in surgery. And it was the Brain Tumor Warriors we met along the way. It was a handful of relatives who have had cancer. It was Lauren's mom, Dawn, who was battling breast cancer. And Kimberly, who continues to fight. It was a few friends who were going through battles of their own, some of them mighty wicked battles. And friends who'd already fought the battle. And then I asked for more inspiration from you. And boy, did you come through. With more inspiration than I ever could have imagined. Because there isn't anyone who doesn't know somebody who has battled the beast. And the list continues to grow all of the time. I could be adding to it daily, I bet. And I will run for anyone that you ask me to, anytime. And I will add their name to my banners and my t-shirt when we walk in that Relay come June. Please let me know who they are. Especially if I have any new readers. Because they keep me working on the Relay and help get me back on the treadmill when I'm ready to give up.

Okay. Back to my pen. I'm off to write into the New Year. It's my tradition. Hope you are all enjoying this New Year's Eve.

I'm working on a blog update. If anyone has any idea why all of my posts are stacking up on top of each other instead of listing down the page the way they are supposed to, please leave me a comment! I'm pulling my hair out every time I try and fix it. Thanks. And thanks for giving me a Reason to Relay. My three readers are the best...

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