More Projects... Cheeseheads? Who, Us???

In light of this weekend's big GB/MN game, (yahoo, Pack!) Just thought I post a happy photo of my folks' stockings...

I should have placed a bet on the game (and the one in November) but I can never come up with anything good to bet!

Thank you to Katie who found me the cute duck blinkie on the right side of my screen. Later I'll post a photo of the rubber ducks I received for Christmas from my mother-in-law, too! These were obviously designed to get my butt moving. I'm off to hit the treadmill right now. I'm going to hit 350 tonight. I can't believe I still have 150 to go to return from Nowhere. *sigh* I never thought I'd not be home by the end of the year. What a sad sad state.

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