Okay. Enough of this not having time crap. I've been busy before. I've just got to get my rear in gear so I can get started on the new year with a new pledge drive. You know? I've got to put this return from nowhere to bed already. Besides, I'm tired of looking at this dogdamn duck. It's getting old fast. Must have a new layout.

Kicking off a late-night Monday with tidbits of news. What else is new?

Billy got his scarf in the mail today... that means all bloggers who ordered scarves have received scarves. Now I'm working on some last-minute Christmas scarves. After the holidays I'm hoping there will be more blog orders. I'll get more photos up at that point. But I'll be okay with it if there aren't because I'm going to get a new run in gear at that time and a letter-writing drive going.

I'm angry with myself for not getting on top of my Christmas shopping earlier. There is one thing I really wanted to get someone and now that I am ready to order it, they don't have it in stock. My loss. And it was the perfect gift. Drat.

Kel had a "Winter Concert" this evening at the school. It was great. But we can't call it Christmas Concert. Or even Holiday Concert. It has been winter concert for several years now. Although they did squeak in a couple of traditional holiday songs.

Keith's Mom has a dear friend battling pancreatic cancer right now. Ena Mae is out in Denver currently in Intensive Care after surgery last week. Tomorrow I run for Mae. Her hubby Joe is a BT warrior who made it on my T-shirt at the Relay last year and on our banner, but somehow never made it to my list of Inspirations here. So I'm adding him tonight. I'll be running for him this week, too.

When the month is over, I'll see where I'm at and get the letter together for the Relay Run and my new fund raiser. Putting on my thinking cap. As my daughter says, I just don't quit.

My other big task of the day was my laundry room. I feel like I've been working on it for days and days. Oh wait. I have been working on it for days and days. I'm almost finished. I've been cleaning and organizing. I read an article in the local paper this evening that made me laugh out loud because I totally recognized myself in it when I realized that the reason I so frequently can't get my Christmas decorating done until right before Christmas and sometimes not even then is because I haven't finished my nit-picky cleaning yet. I must be somehow related to the columnist. I kept thinking, "I'm not as bad as her." But I have a really hard time getting to my decorating every year because things aren't perfect yet in the house. I can NEVER get it to the stage I really want it. So yes, I am as bad as she is, she just has an organized enough system where she can actually get her house to that stage in a timely manner. I never can! (If you aren't able to see the article because the paper wants you to register, it is free, but if you don't want to register, let me know, I can put the article out here or e-mail it to you, it isn't long)...

Here it is, two weeks prior to Christmas and I'm working on my laundry room shelves; Saturday morning I cleaned the refrigerator; I cleaned the top shelf on the pantry Friday night (well, not completely, but part of it.) The tree is still boxed up in the basement along with all of the decorations. I did get the village out and set up but only because my mom bought me some of that new garland this year and sent it home with me the other day. It wasn't something that I had to get out - it was something new and exciting. It is so fun decorating with good, quality stuff.

Dog took another turn for the worst over the weekend. His pancreatitus flared up causing him abdominal pain again. I went to visit the veterinarian today and switched his diet to an even more bland food. He's still on the generic pepcid every day and still eating frequent tiny meals. That should have helped prevent this. The doc says if this really bland food doesn't stop it, he'll have to see him. Bear hates the vet as most animals do, I think. But it isn't looking good for our little guy, really. His is a very severe case.

Argh. I'm exausted. Must go to bed. 6 comes too early when writing blog posts at 2.

Please keep Mae in your thoughts and I'll see you tomorrow after my run...

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