I know, I know... I'm still older than you are.

Good Dog, we've been friends for a long time!

Happy Birthday, little buddy! Hope you have a great day!

And Hutch? I'd have done this for you, too... But I have two photographs of note... That one I posted earlier of the bathing beauties, in which I managed to crop you completely out of the photo, and the other has us in our Halloween costumes. I'm laughing sitting here just thinking about it. Me standing in the middle of the living room staring out at you in the middle of my front yard staring in at me. I'm wondering who that boy is in my front yard looking at me and if I should know him. He looks kinda familiar. And he's acting like I should know him. I didn't invite any boys to my party. It's creeping me out how he's staring at me like that. That was one dang good costume, girl. You must have been laughing your butt off at me. Well, all that and the fact that you turned 40 on your birthday. (40 for crying out loud!) Which is going to be me soon enough and we're just going to pass right over that like it didn't even happen. Just like I kindly did for you. See how I did that? Wasn't that kind of me? :) How's life? (At 40, I mean... and can you even read this or do you need glasses now? heh. Just kidding old buddy old pal. HA! OLD buddy. OLD pal. Get it? Oh Dog. I'm just full of 'em tonight. I crack myself up. I think I better go to bed. I must be tired.)

Okay. I'm off to dreamland. Hoping to meet Marvelous Marge for writing in the morning if we aren't getting pelted with freezing rain by then. It is raining now and 34 degrees. Going to bed with this kind of weather usually finds you waking up to late starts for school.

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