Busy day. Met Mystical Marge for writing this morning at la Poste. May have to rethink that strategy, though. Not Marge, just the location. Arrrgh. After all our wonderful time there. Blargh.

Our team is officially registered online at the brand spankin' new online site for the Relay for Life for our location. So far three brave members of our team are online - guess which three? :) I even have had my first online donation. My paypal site will be coming off the blog soon since this is now available. I added a link to it from the blog tonight (the RFL logo on the right).

I dropped off two scarves yesterday to a woman who ordered them at the craft fair last week. Will be dropping off three more over the weekend. I dropped off another today. I loved that one. May do another for myself. It was gorgeous. Wish I'd have thought to take a photo because I think others would have liked it, too. It was called Lapis and it was really a wonderful silky soft and lucious warm material. When I make the one for me I'll take a photo.

Keith had a massage, I had a hot tub. I put out some lights in the bushes and a tree in front of the house. Haven't hauled out the extension cords to see how they look yet. Could be interesting. :)

Anxious to see how the fund-raising from the scarves is actually coming once the materials are deducted. I haven't done any figuring at all yet to know where I am on any of it. Looking forward to it. Some haven't paid because I still don't know what to charge for a few. HA! I'm so unbelievably wet behind the ears at business. Good thing I'm not trying to feed a family with my scarves. No nutritional value whatsoever.

Never updated you about them either, did I Robert? Catching on yet? ;)

Visited the parents when I dropped off the blue scarf. Also brought Keith in to town for his massage at that point. He got himself back from the apartment. Tomorrow? Grocery shopping and more holiday decorating. And perhaps Russian Tea Cakes. A request from Keli. And in the evening a holiday concert with the hubby in our little town. Maybe I'll get a few e-mails out to my teammates to try and convince them to get online and register. They are dragging their feet.

Kimby... perhaps you could get on here and extoll the virtues of being online for the Relay. How did your online fundraising go? Was it smashingly simple? Did you do well online? Did people love it? I know I loved the ease of use when I donated to you and the other two people for whom I utilized it. Perhaps some of my blog friends will donate to me and my friends and family will see me racking up the donations and jump on the band wagon... (just a tiny hint but no pressure!).

I'm off to bed before I fall out of my chair. G'night! OH! Before I go, I'd like to toss the idea of a contest out here. Now, I realize I only have three and a half loyal readers, so posing a contest is a pretty lame idea, but I'ma gonna do it anyway in the hopes of generating some thoughts for my meeting coming up for Relay because it would be great to have something fresh to walk in with (and all credit will go to you, the winner - and a prize, too. I'll come up with something, I promise! I'm putting on my thinking cap as I write...)

We are working on themes for the Relay for 2005 and along with that a Logo. It doesn't have to be big and elaborate (simple is actually pretty good). Themes that we've used since I've been there have been Mardi Gras, Stayin' Alive, and actually, the very first year I was with them it totally escapes me. I loved the Stayin' Alive theme for obvious reasons - These are cancer survivors! And it was a really great, upbeat tune and we could dress up and get all hip and jive and ... well, I digress.

One of the themes batted around so far is The Boss's Dancing in the Dark, which is cool, since we're up all night for the Relay, it's got a good beat to keep us going, and it's a fun song. So that would be one starting point. Any takers? You can look here to see what I'm saying about a logo and theme combination. It has last year's on it from the Staying Alive theme if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Okay. NOW I'm going to bed. For real.

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