For Mae...

Today's kickoff to complete the Return from Nowhere was run for Ena Mae, battling pancreatic cancer in Denver, surrounded by friends and loved ones. You can visit her Caring Bridge website and leave her a word of encouragement or just follow her battle if you like.

Caring Bridge is totally cool. It's a nonprofit organization that provides a free online service for patients so they (their families) can communicate with loved ones and let everyone know their status and how their recovery is going. I wish I'd known about it when Keith was going through his surgery and such. I'd have definitely used it instead of trying to send out all of those e-mails I was putting together. If you know of anyone who could use this service, please pass along their website information. It is very easy to use.

Today's miles: 5.2
Total so far: 344.3
Still to go for goal: 155.7

I'ma gonna be one hurtin' girl tomorrow! But I need to get some miles under my belt by the end of the year so I can put the Return from Nowhere to bed and get moving on the new campaign for Relay 2005.

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