tuesday is chooseday

either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.

    Would you rather:

  1. A garbage collector OR a fry cook at a greasy spoon restaurant?
  2. With my cooking abilities, I'd fit right in at a greasy spoon! :)

  3. The person who repairs downed power lines OR the person who cleans the shark tanks (while they're still in it) at aquariums?
  4. Doesn't that sound thrilling? At least it wouldn't take place out in the elements during the snowstorms and ice storms and freezing cold temperatures that bring the power lines down! (It's cold up here, can you tell?)

  5. The person who does makeup on dead people for open casket services OR the person who who has to scoop the ashes of a dead person into an urn?
  6. The first one could be difficult for those cases where the people have had to have really major reconstruction because of the way they died, I would imagine.

  7. A beat cop in new york OR a navy SEAL on a covert mission?
  8. I wouldn't want either of these jobs, thanks. But given my druthers since I have to pick one, I'd prefer to be the cop I guess.
Mileage coming soon.

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