Bearly - an Update...

Took the dog in for a weight check yesterday and to ask some questions. He has gained a pound! Oh happy day! He's eating more and he's comfortable. He's keeping the food down and he's acting much more like the dog we know and love.

I hadn't mentioned this before because I hadn't told Keith about it and didn't want him learning of it here first, but the last time the dog was sick, I discovered he had some internal bleeding going on. So when I had him in to the vet on Thursday, we got him on meds to handle this, too. Between that and the morphine and the new food, He's doing so much better.

In talking with the vet yesterday and discussing all of the options, he said that if Bear continues on this current path of more weight gain, keeping the food down and comfort on the pain killing (and extremely low dosage) drugs for the next couple of months to give his pancreas a chance to heal, he has a very good prognosis.

So please keep him in your thoughts because this will be the path we'll take for now. I have no intentions of taking extreme measures as I think this will only cause him more pain and suffering. It is my belief (here come arguments, perhaps?) that extreme measures (as in surgery or the feeding tube to bypass the pancreas long term) for pets are taken for the owners' sakes, not for the pets'. I do not believe it adds to the quality of the animal's life.

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