Another Week Begins...

Frustration and gloom arise from the basement as my one and only child struggles with her FST homework. She has gotten a little behind on her understanding of it and the further behind you fall in math, the harder it gets. She's trying to get through a probabilities assignment tonight and I can't even help her with it. I've been trying but I'm failing miserably. I should have called my brother and asked if we could have gone to his house for a little tutoring. He may have been some help. I had nothing to offer, I'm afraid.

Must get her caught up on the subject this week. You know what I'll be boning up on during the day at any opportune moment. I have parent/teacher conferences tomorrow night. She doesn't want me to go because she knows I'll have discussions with how I can get things moving again with the math teacher. Damn right I will. I should make her come with me.

So that will be a main concern this week. Along with updating the Relay online fundraising website and getting packets out for the teams who need them and doing some more scarf work and stocking work and hey! I still have to get a photo or two online about those stockings! And I've some Christmas shopping to finish up and some decorating to do and I did laundry all day today and I'd like to do some baking and some candy making (without injury, I hope) and keep my dog healthy and still get some writing in and maybe even a little reading and try to catch up on a few more blog friends and even a 3D friend or two (Hi Hutch!).

Kel was asked to play her French Horn on a CD that a very talented fellow student is putting together for the holidays - she'll be practicing for that this week and having to do a couple of rehearsals after school. She should be hearing in just a couple of days whether she was accepted for Japanese/English camp next spring, too. And she's going to participate in the Japan bowl at school on a team which has some real potential. Crossing fingers that they at least make it to the state level.

Okay. Enough. I really have to get some more stuff done before bed. I'm hoping to get her to get some sleep tonight. Her sleep schedule is so far off it isn't even funny. I would think that could help improve her math aptitude a little bit.

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