And the correct answers ARE...

No! No! Yes! Barely! NO! (Which is probably the reason for the negative response to the first two - had I taken care of this FIRST, like Dana suggested, I probably would have gotten through much more of the million and one and the mileage! Way to go, Dana! I believe that makes you the winner on all counts! And Hutch, my back is okay surprisingly enough, making it okay for the uprightness, but there is a migraine lurking, so uprightness with eyes fully open and happiness on my face was not a possibility by the end of the day. Point to Kathy for the positive upright answer.

Whaddup with both of you saying no about the mileage? Oh ye of little faith! Okay, I didn't, but still!

That means the million and a quarter things get tacked on to Tuesday. Oh joy.


She's got a million and one things to do today. Will she accomplish all of them? Will she add to her mileage? Will her daughter be speaking to her after parent/teacher conferences? Will she still be able to stand upright (scrubbing grout and glass block and tiles in the shower is hard work and painful)? Will she take time for coffee and a scone?

YOU be the judge...

Stop back (much) later to learn the answer! Same bat time! Same bat station...

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