Why I Live Here... Reason Number ?

For my last post of the evening, I'll just give one little reason for why we live where we do because as winter comes on I spend a lot of time whining and asking the age old question: Why do I live here? So here's a couple of views of one reason.

Kel and I spent about 20 minutes or so tonight out in the below freezing temps looking up. I went out first to see if we could actually see the Northern lights after my mom called to ask if we could see them.

Then I headed over to the hot tub where Keli was having a soak and let her know that we could indeed see them. I told her that I wasn't seeing any colors at the time, and was only getting a little glimpse of them, but a little glimpse was better than no glimpse at all.

The Northern Lights are one of those things that Kel has on her "Want to see before I die" list, so she ran inside and dried off, put on lots of warm clothes and got back outside a few minutes later. As she headed out the front door she asked where she needed to look and I told her I'd meet her out there.

When I wandered down the driveway a couple of minutes later, I found her there literally sobbing, hands over her open mouth, tears streaming down her face, and I thought she was going to collapse where she stood.

As I looked around me at the sky, I could see why. I didn't take these photos, but they are somewhat representative of what we were seeing. It was the most amazing thing we could have imagined. We got out there at what must have been the peak time in our area. It was breath-taking. I guess we mostly saw red corona and it was incredible.

I tried to come up with some way to describe what I was seeing from the formation of the aurora as I was looking at some of them and all I could think of with one of them was that it looked like the wings of an angel tearing right through the heavens, or even the wings of God. When I found this particular photo, while not having quite enough red, it was very similar to what we were seeing.

Credit for all of these photos goes to Jan Curtis, State Climatologist for Wyoming.

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