Where I've been.

I've been working hard on the writing as you can see by the numbers on my progress meter. I've also been crocheting when I'm not doing that. I got three scarves done over the past weekend and a fourth I have started and restarted probably five times. I love the color and texture of the yarn, but it is really kicking me in the a$$. I'm ready to give up and buy some chenille to put with it to make it easier on myself.

Here is a photo of this past weekend's work.

This is a photo of the fourth that has been kicking me.
I am going to kick it right back, however.

Kel and I saw BJ: The Edge of Reason and we loved it! Of course. We've seen the original so many times and loved the books so much and had committed these characters to memory and there was really no way for us not to love it. Besides, Hugh Grant only gets better looking with age - wow. The cad. And Colin Firth? Yummy.

We also watched Peter Pan (2003) the other night, having rented the DVD. I may have already written about this since I have written so infrequently of late that I don't even remember what I've written about. We loved that, as well. Captain Hook/Mr. Darling was played by the handsome Jason Isaacs. If you don't recognize the name, you'll recognize the face if you've seen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as he played the wickedly dashing Lucius Malfoy. Peter Pan was played by the adorable Jeremy Sumpter. And Tinkerbell was done partially by animation and partially by a French actress, Ludivine Sagnier. They called her antics "female Charlie Chaplin" and she had such wonderfully witty and expressive faces and body movements. She was quite lovely.

So that's what I've been up to. Now I'm heading out to do some more writing on this extremely foggy but mild November day. And we have girls night tonight.

Dad is off for his second cataract surgery this morning so keep him in your thoughts, please.

Maybe I'll be out here long enough to stop by and read what the rest of you are up to one of these days. Hope so. When I am home, Kel usually is, too and she takes up all of the computer time, with the exception of these few minutes I'm allowing myself to update.

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