Popping in for a Visit!

Hello! Finished three more scarves over the weekend (YOURS, Bill! and two others, and got started on another and have the makings of several more), but didn't write a word... And it will be a very busy week, so will I finish the novel by the end of the month? Good question!

We went to a play on Saturday night and we were surrounded by Red Hat Ladies. Do you know any Red Hat Ladies? Are you a Red Hat Lady? The play was excellent. I'd see it again and take a friend (Marvelous Marge) who I know would love it. But I think it closed this past weekend. We usually buy our tickets for the last weekend of the show.

Did you hear the news this morning about the hunter who opened fire on the people who requested he get off the private land that he didn't have permisssion to be hunting on? Yeah. How many times have I yelled at people to do the same? Don't think I'll be doing that again. I guess having that deer slung across the grill is pretty dang important to some people. And yes, it happened right here in the great state of Wisconsin. Five people killed and several more injured. Would he have stopped if he hadn't run out of ammo? Good question. Looking for a story to link... Here.

That's all I've got for now. Looks like girls' night this week is going to be an extended bunch of fun. Since they don't have school on Wednesday, our regular time for it, they're all coming over here tomorrow after school and having a movie night with movies on the wall, sleeping over and then spending the day here with more movies and crafts on Wednesday. Should be fun! Can Aunt Keri keep up? We'll soon find out!

Later! I'm off for a visit with my Gray Street buddy before she heads off to be a full-time worker bee again. We sure didn't take advantage of her time off the way we should have! :(

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